Did you know that in some countries the official stores are banning the VPN apps? And of course in those countries people rely upon those apps to get around their governments firewall, which censors information and surveils peoples' use of the web.

What's happening in China?

A lot has happened in latest years. A lot of the innovation we see today comes from China. However, the government has ordered China’s three telecommunications companies to completely block access to VPNs by February 2018. And official App stores are included in this as well. Actually, VPNs are as of now already banned unless they register with the government and inform them, enabling state surveillance and censorship of users.

Reuters reported back in July that the Great Firewall had been upgraded with new capabilities. And even the top Chinese hotels have ceased to offer their guests VPNs.

The worst part is that the government also made it possible to interfere with messaging apps. While now blocked entirely in some places, WhatsApp users found that they were unable to send videos and photos through the chat app. But it gets worse: some News apps like the New York Times and The Wall Street Journal are completely banned in China and also in other countries of the list.

And the thing is that this ban highlights a serious risk in the official app store model: governments will observe the control that manufacturers press over their customers' devices and insist that this control be deployed to serve political ends.

Well, not on our watch. We got you!

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