There are over 600.000 apps on Aptoide - yes, you got that right: more than half a million apps. A great deal of these apps are made for a specific purpose and are extremely useful for most people. Other apps, while not extremely useful for all of us, can still be of use to some people. Then there are those who most people will consider really messed up, crazy or pointless, and that is exactly what brought us here.

We've been searching for a lot of those apps and we've managed to compile the top 10 weirdest apps, ranked from almost normal to bonkers. Ready to enter the world of craziness? Buckle up, here we go.

![]( ####1. [Yo](

Every day when I arrive at Aptoide I say "Yo!". Now I can simply send an individual "Yo!" to all my Aptoide coworkers before I arrive. **It has revolutionized my lifestyle.** But it's one of those apps that goes from seriously dumb to surprisingly useful. I don't know. I find this weird.

####2. [Fake Call](
This one will allow you to Fake any call you want. You can set the name, number, photo and even add a voice recording. **It will actually be useful to help you get out of creepy situations**, trust me.
####3. [iBeer FREE - Drink beer now!](
This one is brilliant. You press a red button and beer starts to fill your screen. Once you tip it you can simulate that you're drinking fake beer. It will even burp for you once the glass is empty. **Handy & classy.**
####4. [Cat Translator](
**This must be one of our favourites**. Cats, right? Some of us here at the office actually tried translating what our cats were saying and tried communicating back. Some worked, mine didn't. Is my cat punishing me?
####5. [Baby Translate (Original!)](
**New parents**, this one if for you! Similar to the one above, but for tiny humans. **It turns your baby's cry into very long and coherent sentences.** Who knew that baby talk was this sophisticated.
####6. [Ultimate EMF Detector](
Yes, mobile phones can detect changes in electromagnetic fields using the magnetometer. But what about using it to detect ghosts? Yeah, that's the basic premise behind this app. **Basically, it's like the Psychokinetic Energy Meter they use on Ghost Busters**, but in app form. Some people swear it works.
####7. [Cutting Board Simulator](
We've all been there. You're starving for that piece of delicious bread, but can't find the cutting board. **No more.** With this app you can turn your phone, but preferably your tablet, into a cutting board. The tablet will leave you more room to cut bigger vegetables while saving your kitchen table from getting ruined (the same can't be said about your tablet though). It even simulates the scratches on the wooden surface - **super realistic**!
####8. [Pointless Button: The Buttoning](
Ah, **we love this one**. You press the button. Then you press it again, when it starts to become pointless you get a pound. And then another pound. **You never quite know what will happen next** - but I have unlocked a picture of a cat. I'll just keep pressing it, who knows what I'll get next.
####9. [Run Pee](
A few years ago I stopped bringing drinks to the movies. I always had to leave right when that one guy dies to go to the bathroom. **With this app I know exactly which part of the film is the best to go - meaning the part of the film where nothing important will happen**. It's actually equal parts brilliant equal parts ridiculous - but it works wonders!
####10. [Figure 1](
This one has been called the Instagram for doctors. It's actually an informative and useful app for many doctors apparently. **What it does is basically allow you to send in medical cases**, complete with an image of a medical problem and a description of the symptons, its causes and how it was treated. But then again, most of us aren't in the medical profession, are we? **So, yeah, we find most of the stuff here super disturbing.**
####11. [Spoonr](
Ah, our favourite - after Cat Translator, of course, because cats. This amazing app is a bit like a softcore Tinder. It's a location-based social-meeting app for cuddling that helps you find people to... well... cuddle. **Just watch out for professional cuddlers that are in it just for the $.**
####12. [PoopLog](
This one is strangely useful - **and yes I realize how weird that sounds**. Basically, it's an app that provides poop analytics for you. First, you need to collect data about your poop: time and date of its "release", a classification of its shape and volume, and as a plus, you can even include a photo of it. **By analyzing all of that It can help you track if you're obstipated and offers suggestions on how you can fix it**.

I'd suggest that the author adds some gamification features to make it more interesting, and maybe even some poop medals or something like that. Maybe a collaboration with Pou? Those would be nice to have features IMHO.

####13. [Places I've Pooped](
Last, but definitely not the least weird. **This is super messed up**. You can track where you've done your business all over town (or the world - for you more globally minded people). I love it. **By integrating it with Facebook you can even spread your deeds with all your friends on social media**. You can even compete - imagine: **pooping champion of the world**. A must have for sure.

So yeah, sorry about those last two. It's a pretty crappy ending for the post, I know. But hey, we didn't make any of these up - we're only the messenger.

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