In the last couple of years we've seen an explosion of affordable Virtual Reality experiences based on Android smartphones with gyroscopes. You just place your phone in a Cardboard device, and baam! It becomes a VR headset. What about the content though?

That's why Aptoide came up with a solution for VR Android apps in the form of an app store for VR Apps called Aptoide VR which has over 200 Android apps for VR!

There are many VR apps in the world wide web of virtual reality, but not all of them are amazing. For that reason, we felt the need to come up with a selection of the Best Android Apps for VR , including experiences, 360º videos and games. Are you ready to deep dive into virtual reality?

![]( ####1. [Titans of Space](

This is one of our favorite experiences. You're basically traveling through the solar system in a spaceship, and for every planet or moon, you'll get a short description of a number interesting scientific facts. It really makes you feel like you're somewhere in the future, where a touristic tour of the solar system is possible.

![]( ####2. [Insidious VR](

This is a really cool horror experience - maybe the best. Some of our team members here at Aptoide were actually too scared to finish it! It's especially cool if you're already a fan of the movies. Try it!

![]( ####3. [Star Wars](

Here at Aptoide we love Star Wars, so obviously we had to rank the Star Wars app amongst the best VR experiences. Inside the app you can download a feature called "Jakku Spy", which will allow you to see the Star Wars Force Awaken events form the point of view of a spy in that planet. It's really cool. It makes it seem like you're really inside the Star Wars universe. The only downside is that it takes a long time to load, and the videos are really short - which of course doesn't reduce the impact of it!

![]( ####4. [Within](

Within is basically a curated video channel dedicated to 360 videos. The selection on it is REALLY good. We can honestly say that this is the definite 360 video channel!

![]( ####5. [ARTE](

Similar to Within, but focused on the Arte Channel 360 content. Basically, a lot of high-quality content from the TV channel is published here, and can be enjoyed for free. It's very well produced content, and very varied (from 360 rap battles to zero gravity flights).

![]( ####6. [War of Words](

This is one of the most interesting experiences in VR. It's the result of a partnership between BDH and BBC being derived from a full-length documentary of the same name. This is an immersive emotional experience centered on a WW1 poem by Siegfried Sassoon that is meant to take you all the way back to 1916.

![]( ####7. [InCell](

InCell is an action/racing game with a bit of strategy and science thrown into the mix in a rare and highly unusual micro world of the carefully recreated human cell. The game is focused on Virtual Reality but you can play just fine without a set, so if you're still reading this even though you don't have a Cardboard, give it a try.

![]( ####8. [InMind](

These two games by Nival are really good. The gameplay is very simple, yet very hard. Basically, you're shrunk and sent inside the body of a patient. InCell is about fighting a virus by accelerating along microtubules. InMind is about fighting the depression by navigating inside the brain of the patient. I know, it sounds strange, but actually really cool. The most entertainment aspect, apart from the audiovisual experience, is the female robotic voice that guides you. Give it a go!

![]( ####9. [VR Mars](

There's been a recent revival of Hollywood and game industry interest in Mars (maybe due to the recent success of Ridley Scott's "The Martian"). This is a game about Mars exploration game that features a free mode and a story mode (with a really cool storyline). It's a really cool experience that is playable even on the simplest devices and without a gamepad (most new games allow you to click on stuff just by looking at it for a while - and a while ago that type of interaction wasn't very common). Get this game!

![]( ####10. [Galaxy VR](

This is the best VR Android game we've played. It's hands down the best gameplay experience and virtual environment. First of all: the music - really cool Cyberpunkish thrilling soundtrack. Second: the visuals - very reminiscent of Evangelion or Ghost In The Shell - especially the ship's interface. Third - the gameplay - it really pushes the limits of the Android device and shows really cool visuals, and an action-packed experience (brings back memories of older PC games such as Eve Online and Freelancer). It's a must have!

While VR technology acceptance is still growing, we're starting to see a lot of really good content being produced for the Cardboard platform. It's a good time to get your hands on a VR headset and give these apps a go.

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