Snapchat’s World Lens Feature applies filters to the real world and from now on it will include animated Bitmoji too. This means you can drop your Bitmoji avatar into your surroundings, almost like what you did with Pokémon Go. Yay! Have it do some skateboard tricks on your way to work. Or maybe, have coffee inside your boring classroom. There are loads of possibilities to entertain yourself with the new 3D Bitmojis. Let's leave the dogs and bunnies behind, people!


Is all of this kind of new to you? No need to feel ashamed. We'll go slower: Bitmoji are emojis of yourself. Imagine having a personal emoji who looks just like you. If you don’t have one already... download the app and DO IT. It may sound silly at first, but we promise it will win you over.


Well, back to the point. These 3D Bitmoji are created based on the Bitmoji you’re already linked to your Snapchat account. They’ll appear as a new option in the rear camera lens options. The Bitmoji animations will anchor where you place them and you can walk around to see them in a different angle. Exciting! Especially because it works great, and it really looks like they’re interacting with the real world. Some of the animations can run longer than 10 seconds, so you can use them also longer when the multi-snap feature becomes available for Android.

Bitmoji + Snaps is a fun way to communicate or joke around. It can also be pretty cool. Think of it as having an iconic cartoon character - like Hello Kitty, Snoopy, Mickey Mouse or Miffy - who looks exactly like you.  Like your own mascot, who appears everywhere. You use it in Gboard, Messenger, Gmail and now in your snaps. All perfectly aligned.


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