It’s almost Christmas and as such we wanted to bring you a little something from Aptoide: the latest V3 of AptoideTV!

This means you'll get to enjoy Aptoide right from your couch this holiday season - and guess what, we even compiled a list of the must-have apps on your AptoideTV. If you have an Android TV device and you’re looking to get the best experience possible, then look no further, as all you'll need is right here.

This time we decided to add the features that our users most love and have asked for. Yep, we listen :) The brand new version of AptoideTV will give you a whole new experience that brings your television to life and gives you a whole new level of choice and control. So get ready to sit back and enjoy.

1. Light Theme

We developed this new feature for better optimization in dark rooms so that you can clearly see what's in that big telly of yours - and don't hurt your eyes.


2. Trusted App Badges

As you already know, at Aptoide it's always safety first, so we thought we'd have the same seal of approval on AptoideTV too! Just make sure you look for the little green trusted app badge and you'll know which applications are safe to download.


3. More App Versions

Why can't you have access to the latest version available of an application? With Aptoide you have access to all versions of all apps. If you want a previous version of any application, AptoideTV is the place to find it.


4. Categories With Filters

To make the process of finding applications a little easier you can now filter the categories in any way you prefer: alphabetically, by users ratings, number of downloads, or latest applications added. This will make your life so much easier.


5. Updates Notifications

We've thought you'd like to get easy access to your favourite apps latest updates so we added the notifications to your home screen, so you don’t miss an update!


6. Google Services Verification

Some applications require google services to work, so if your device doesn't have it, some apps might not work. With this new feature, we will let you know in real time so you don't have to download an app that requires google services for nothing.

7. Remote install

This new feature allows you to merge the Aptoide Mobile and AptoideTV apps! From now on, you’ll be able to install apps on your AndroidTV from your smartphone just like that! Check this blog post for more info.

Download AptoideTV, sit back, and enjoy Aptoide & AptoideTV! Happy holidays!