Are you tired of having to edit your tweet so that it fits the 140-character limit? Better yet, is twitter threading part of your daily routine? If you answered yes to either one of these questions, boy have we got news for you!

Twitter, the 11-year-old social media platform is currently testing the possibility of increasing its character limit to 280! That ́s right, if everything goes according to plan, you can now express your love for pizza and your thoughts on the latest Aptoide apps using twice as many characters as before.


According to a blog post written by Twitter, the reason for this sudden change is due to the fact that most people around the world need more than 140 characters to better express themselves on Twitter. In fact, the current word restraint often forces people to leave out important words that are crucial to the meaning or emotion they are trying to convey, frequently making them simply give up on sending the tweet.

Interestingly, this doesn’t happen in every language. For instance, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese don’t seem to share this difficulty. This is a lot different from what happens with tweets that are written in English, since they have a higher probability of reaching the 140-character limit (9%), and are mostly 34 characters long. Makes sense, right?


This means that people in all languages will finally be able to easily express themselves and that by having more characters to do so, they are confident people will tweet more.

The fact that people only had a limited amount of characters per tweet resulted in an original, fast-paced, creative social media service that can better be described by its brevity and speed. Although many users are worried about this change, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey guarantees this won't have any impact on the social media’s essence.

The new long tweet feature is currently being tested on small groups of people around the world and Twitter has yet to say when and if it will be available for everyone. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see... Are you one of the lucky few who can now tweet 280 characters?

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