You know when your ex starts dating again? And of course, it’s safe to say all your feelings are gone, but you still want to see how his/her new relationship is going...without him/her knowing? Well, now you’ll be able to do just that and much more using the app StalkeaME.

This new - amazing, if you ask us - app allows anyone who has an account on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to browse in anonymous mode. That's right, now you can actually see what other people are up to on social media, without them knowing!

At the moment, the app only works for Instagram, which we're pretty OK with. Just the fact that you're able to spy on your friends using Instagram is already pretty sweet! You can view stories of people you follow, and others, without the users being notified that you have been watching. Plus, you can also download stories (photos or videos) without anyone ever realizing itAMAZING!

All you have to do is insert your name and start checking out the stories your followers have posted - just as you would normally do, except this time you’ll be in incognito mode! The stories appear with stats so that you’re aware of how many stories each person has posted and how many you have actually seen. This way, you won't miss out on anything! Another great feature is the app's search tool, which you can use to search people you don't follow, and view their stories. You don't want them to know you've been checking their profile! 😉

Whether you want to spy on people or just know how it feels like to be a ninja for a day, StalkeaME is the app for you!

Download StalkeaME now and have fun!