Newsflash people. A group of Facebook users noticed something new: a WhatsApp button just below the Messenger and Instagram ones. This means that Facebook is testing the integration of WhatsApp within the main app. Well, Facebook hasn’t officially said anything about this feature, so let’s not jump the gun too much. But we can flirt with the idea for a bit. 😏

The super special users (don't feel bad if you haven't seen it yet!) who have access to the new button can see it when they tap their own picture in the Facebook application’s Menu. As for now, the button seems to act as a shortcut to the WhatsApp app itself. Basically, an easy way to open WhatsApp without actually leaving the Facebook app. Maybe other features and funcionalities from Whatsapp can follow later on. We can look at this as a starting point, as we do know that M̶a̶r̶k̶, sorry, Facebook owns WhatsApp.

Also, it makes sense for Facebook to have all of its subsidiaries connected and integrated, if you think about it. But unfortunately, this new button and its potential uses can ultimately be just a test and never make its way to a core feature. Until Facebook announces it, we know nothing. Like Jon Snow.

Text you later, guys! 📲