Whenever a mobile game becomes popular, there's always a number of unofficially related apps that appear. Some are good, some are bad – other's are simply malware in disguise. That said, occasionally there's a few that become essential add-ons of very high quality and utility. Here at Aptoide we believe that, when it comes to Pokémon GO, there's already a number of such apps. We've been testing them and here's our review.

GO Chat

It was **THE** first of the Pokémon GO companion apps – or Pokétools as we like to call them - having been released a day **before** Pokémon GO itself. The initial success was so big that the author of this app has even had [problems maintaining the servers up](http://www.theverge.com/2016/7/11/12153370/gochat-pokemon-go-chat-app-jonathan-zarra-interview) - but those problems appear to have been fixed since the app's servers seem to be working well now.
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GO Messenger


The first impression of GO Messenger is that It's a much more polished app than GO Chat. It seems like they took GO Chat's original idea and kicked it up a notch.

Main difference: it allows you to have the app hovering over your game. It may not seem like much, but as you may have noticed Pokémon GO doesn't run in the background, which means that as you switch between the apps it restarts the game - making you wait while it loads. GO Messenger totally eliminates that. It makes the chat functionality look like an actual official game functionality.

Additionally, GO Messenger also allows you to filter the chat by team - something GO Chat doesn't.

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Poke Radar


Poke Radar has been making waves in the iOS market for a few days now, and the Android version has finally seen the daylight.

What it does is allow you to see where other people have caught a certain type of Pokémon type. Its database is crowded sourced - meaning that it grows based on the user input (which of course can also mean that the Blastoise showing up next to your house on the map may not actually be true).

That said, it is expected that the app keeps improving it's "anti-troll" system, maybe by adding a ranking system to incentivize good behavior - making it harder to fake Pokémon locations.

*Looking at the map it looks like Europe is being taken over by huge monsters - Godzilla style!*

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Pokémon GO is still a recent phenomenon, but it's good to see that a lot of new features are being added quickly by the community of developers. We'll keep you posted about new PokéTools coming up!

Once again here are the links from Aptoide:

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