Chances are you're already suffering from Pokéfever – just like the over 20 million users in the US - and you've joined one of the three teams available: Mystic, Valor and Instinct. Whether you're already in or not I bet there's a bunch of things you didn't know about Pokémon GO. Here we go.

1. Meeting Random People


Unlike previous games of the series – or games in general I guess ^_^' - this Augmented Reality thing really forces you to go out into the world and interact with strangers. Some users are reporting that it's a great way to meet random people, especially when someone drops a Lure on a Pokéstop and everyone gathers around that person to catch more Pokémons. Actually, a lot of Twitter users have even been reporting that they are going on Pokédates (!) and finding dates through it. Not only Pokémon GO is already bigger than Tinder – but it may also replace it entirely, ha!

![](/content/images/2016/07/pokestop.png) *The Pokéstop near Aptoide HQ has been quite busy during the past week*

2. Battery Life


If you're already playing you've probably noticed that Pokémon GO uses a lot of battery! Some people say it has to do with the gyroscope usage which is required to use the (optional) Augmented Reality functionalities of the game, but the fact is that the app requires you to have GPS, Internet data and the graphics processor running at the same time while you're looking for Pokémons.

What you can do, though, is try one of these life saving, sorry, battery saving apps available on Aptoide.

3. Pokétools


There's something you can do to try to enhance your Pokémon GO experience. Maybe you want to know of things like how to catch Pikachu as your first Pokémon – or maybe you're wondering where Rare or Epic Pokémon are found.

There's a growing number of Pokémon GO Companion Apps – or Pokétools as we like to call them - that are available on Aptoide but we would like to highlight the following: Go Messenger (get it here on Aptoide) and GoChat (get it here on Aptoide) – both add a fundamental functionality of communication between nearby players.

Also, check out the Guide for Pokémon GO (get it here on Aptoide which is an encyclopedia with all the information about the game constantly being updated.

4. Photos


A large part of the fun of Pokémon GO culture is precisely the part where you get to see the Pokémon right there in the real world through your camera and gyroscope AR system. That, of course, can lead to some really funny – or creepy situations.

You can also post-process any Pokémon screenshot using any of the photo editing apps on Aptoide, like these from our Indonesian Ambassador, Lukito's store.

5. It Can Make You Fit


Walking is an essential part of the game – looking for different Pokémons in different areas, going to Pokéstops, gyms, and simply walking your Pokémons are some of the activities of it. Some people have reportedly walked 11 Kms in a day to hatch eggs!

BTW: Maybe this will come in handy in case you're not familiarized with the Metric System: Metric Unit Converter on Aptoide.

6. Cheats


As with any game there's always players trying to bypass the rules for their own gain - and while we don't advise you to do any of this (as it could even result in getting your account banned), it's always good to be informed about what some players might be doing, before you go crazy running of miles around the city trying to catch up that lazy neighbor who has hatched dozens of eggs and you never see him walking. Apart from the basic hacks such GPS Spoofing (making your smartphone think he is somewhere else), there's players coming up with some really clever hacks such as straping the device to bycicle wheels, turntables and fans
and even crazier stuff like using drones (see Dronémon GO) - and, while not technically a cheat, apparently there's a small industry of "Pokéwalkers" already selling their services - such as Pokewalk.

7. Safety

There are already thousands of sensationalist articles about Pokémon GO claiming that someone died or some other freaky thing happened. While a lot of it is rumors and unconfirmed, CNN has actually published an article about this whole thing:

But hey, what about this guy?


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