The day is here. Web Summit in Lisbon is now on its second day. And, as you probably know, Aptoide is hosting the first Aptoide App Awards ceremony in downtown Lisbon.

We're all very excited, as everything is being prepared for the ceremony later today. The event is sold out, but for those of you who registered, check all the details of the event here.

As you probably already know, the concept behind the Aptoide App Awards is to showcase the Android talents in the host country of the Web Summit: Portugal, whose capital Lisbon, has been hailed as a possible future hotspot of innovation in technology. Get to know the nominees in the two categories: Games and Non-games.

For those of you who can't attend the event, be sure to celebrate with us by checking our Instagram, where we will be doing live streams of the whole thing. Also check our Twitter account, for a live feed of the event which will be starting around 9PM GMT time.


Don't miss it!