I know how it feels. There's still 15 days to go until the end of the month, and your data plan is already gone! It's frustrating. It's also horrible when you download a large app that takes almost 10 minutes to load, only to find out it's REALLY slow on your phone. Or, maybe you simply lost your new phone, and you're forced to carry an older model that used to belong to your mother - embarrassing I know - but you still want to be able to download apps and continue your social life as usual, but everything takes AGES to load...

Many of you probably don't know about this, but Aptoide has a special version dedicated to older smartphones and bad internet connections: Aptoide Lite, the fastest Android app store in the world. Basically, it allows you to install Android apps in a fast away, even if you have a low end, low memory device, and slow internet connectivity. It only uses 1 MB of phone memory, and even the screenshots and icons it downloads are compressed versions to save your bandwidth. It's a great alternative to Aptoide in case you value a faster experience, or simply because you want to save your costs in terms of data bandwidth.


We have been developing it for a while now, and we are just about to release the newest version. Here are the cool new features:

1. Share Apps

Ever wished you could send your friends an app you have on your phone? Now Aptoide Lite allows you to SHARE apps with your friends in the same location WITHOUT DATA usage and costs. Just start the App and start sharing! This is pretty much a dream come true: you get the apps you want, your friends can also get what they need, and none of you had to waste your data plan transferring stuff from Aptoide - all you had to do was share it. Nice one!

![](/content/images/2016/12/giphy--44-.gif)    ![](/content/images/2016/12/giphy--45-.gif)

2. Delta Updates

Aptoide Lite employs a Delta Update system, which basically means you'll be downloading only the required parts of each app when it updates. No need to download the whole thing!

So as you see Aptoide Lite may very well be the answer to your prayers. Some of us here at Aptoide even use Aptoide Lite instead of Aptoide Vanilla because, if you're like me, you value simplicity and Aptoide Lite is the perfect solution. The same content, but lighter experience.

##[Time to grab Aptoide Lite NOW!](http://m.aptoide.com/installer-aptoide-lite?utm_source=blog&utm_medium=social&utm_content=aptoide-lite&utm_campaign=post)