As you guys probably imagine, the number of one discussion theme here at Aptoide is Android apps. We love apps, we spend the entire day thinking and writing about apps. So, the time has come to present you guys a selection of the apps we love and use the most!

We tried to capture a selection of apps that best represent the "average" Aptoider (as in people that work at Aptoide, because, obviously you guys are all Aptoiders as well). So there's a bit of different stuff thrown in the mix. There are messaging apps to talk with your friends and specific messaging apps for gamers and for work teams. There are privacy apps, weather, and traveling apps as well.

So let's see what recommendations we have for you guys:

1. [Slack](

Slack is basically a messaging app for teams. At Aptoide it is the number one tool for internal communication, and it helps us ensure everything runs smoothly for all you guys. But it also a really cool messaging app on its own, with the ability to separate the conversation in different # channels. It also gives you the ability to customize the emojis the team uses. So you can see how hilarious the whole thing can become when the office party photos get turned into emojis.

2. [Discord - Chat for Gamers](

Discord has been one of the best Teamspeak alternatives to a appear in the last few years. The number one selling point is that its free. And while some users complain that it isn't as reliable as TS, it offers pretty much the same basic service, without the cost associated with TS. It also has some improvements over TS, especially when it comes to the user interface - since Discord seems to have been inspired by Slack's interface (and that's why some call it the Slack for gamers). Anyway, it's growing in popularity, and for us here at Aptoide is becoming the main gaming tool!

3. [Reddit: The Official App](

You all know Reddit. This is the official app (as the name implies), and its the main tool to get up to date on the discussions. Its especially useful when you wanna check out what's new on the commute to work. Before the official app was launched earlier this year, the only way to access Reddit on the go was either through the web browser or trough third party apps (which, let's admit it, some of them were actually ok). While at launch it had a mixed reception by redditors, the app itself has been improved over the last few months, and has become the defacto Reddit app for Android for us here at Aptoide.

4. [Higher Lower Game](

Higher Lower Game is pretty simple. You're presented with two options and you have to guess which one has more Google searches. Still don't get what all the fuss is all 'bout? No problem, check out Pew Die Pie playing it (in case he hasn't really gone through with his promise and deleted his Youtube channel) and you'll get a clue why we're crazy about it here at the office.

5. [Pocket](

Pocket is the best "save it for later" app. You're browsing some stuff one your phone, and you come across a video or something interesting, but you don't have time right now to watch it? No problem, just put it in your Pocket. We would go as far as considering this an essential Android app to have on your phone. Its simply one of the most useful tools for everyday use. The thing even reads the saved content to you using a text-to-speech engine. In one word: essential.

6. [Tripit](

Tripit is for us the ultimate travel planning app. Its used by the Publisher and Partner teams to plan their trips to the technology events, and its also used by the rest of the team to plan our holidays. Its that effective. If you purchase the premium version it can even warn you of flight delays and gate changes. If you travel alot, this will definitely come in handy!

7. [Todoist](

Todoist, as the name suggests, is a to-do-list app. Essentially it helps you keep track of your tasks. Now, the thing is, is not as powerful as Trello for instance, the tool we use to manage our projects here at Aptoide. But that's exactly why is so powerful for personal use, its simply a very a smart to-do-list, and it works wonders in your personal organization. Give it a go and you'll see!

8. [Telegram](

Telegram is used a lot by some Aptoiders. You have to remember that Aptoide has a global and multicultural team, and in some parts of the world, Telegram is the most used communication app. We can argue however that it has a few cool unique features, such as the secret chat and the ability to edit sent messages. If you value your privacy we suggest you give this one a go - its a really interesting and feature rich alternative to the other bigger messaging apps.

9. [Yahoo Weather](

We consider this to be the best weather app in the market. It allows you to create widgets that give you near real time weather reports in your home screen. We can guarantee that you'll be forgetting your umbrella a lot less than before.

10. [Orfox: Tor Browser for Android](

Privacy is one of Aptoide's main concerns. You know why? No, its not because we've recently watched Snowden - even though, yea, the whole thing makes you go wuuuut?! - but its simply because we're regular users, and like everyone else, we don't like to be tracked. Thats why we use Orfox - its the best app (IMHO) that gives you mobile access to Tor.

We hope you guys enjoyed our selection :) but hey, we use a lot more stuff.

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