Can you believe it has been over a year since Pokémon Go was released?! Seems like it was years ago. Well, we know that a sucessor is coming any time soon. The guys at Niantic say this new game will possibly maybe integrate audio alerts into its Augmented Reality gameplay experience. Oooh!


Let's face it: holding your phone with your arms stretched while searching for Pokémons is a bit ridiculous. Don’t kid yourself. Not to mention your arms get tired from holding up the phone, plus you can't quite see much ahead of you. That’s why Niantic started looking for more natural alternatives to interact with AR. And it looks like audio cues could be the key. AR doesn’t have to be just visual, right?.

Audio signals could include hearing a location or even receiving a phone call when you reached a waypoint to give you another clue. They’re also talking about combining audio with the phone’s sensors, like an accelerometer, to know what you’re doing. You could hear for instance “go right and look around, but don’t look up!”.


The details about the Pokémon Go's sucessor are still slim. Although it was confirmed that the game is under active dev and may even launch this year. Who knows! We can learn everything about it in the weeks or months to come. So stay tuned!

Well, we can only (anxiously) wait. 🤓 In the meantime, hold your arms up a little longer and don't focus so much on that neck pain. It will get better, promise!

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