These are happy days for Clash Royale lovers because, after several attempts of getting a real alternative to the Supercell title, it seems that we have hit a target.

Stormbound: Kingdom Wars may seem like a very simple, yet satisfying game to compete with one of the most popular games ever (after the Pokémon Go craze), but a combination of amazing graphics and a peaceful pace based in turns are great reasons for declaring this game our Aptoide Pick for this month!


Fights in [Stormbound: Kingdom Wars are held in a 4x4 board with each player’s fortress at each side of the field. Players will draw their cards to deploy battle units, build up a wall, execute an opponent or even work some magic! These cards are the corner stone of the game, and it kind of remind us of Hearthstone; having a well-thought deck of cards will make you the master of the board!


Now, to the beauty of the game: your opponent. Forget about the amount of soldiers, fortresses, weapons or card types you can play with. These mean nothing compared to where your frontline is.

Here are some the tips & tricks for the best game experience you can have:

- Strategy games are all about anticipating your opponent’s next move, so make sure to study your opponent and pay very close attention in the early stages of the game.

- Keep your frontline moving forward, and your opponent’s line as far as you can. If they move any closer, they can quickly take the advantage and will make your virtual life a living hell for turns on end.

- Make sure you have enough low-mana cards. You shouldn't have more than two 7-8 mana cost cards in your deck at a time.

- In order to take down your opponents castle, you'll need to have a good amount of fighting units cards. Think fortresses and direct attacks, but be careful mixing them both.

- Remember, you can only make one deck “type” at a time. Refrain from mixing Swarm of the East and Winter Pact in one deck, for example. You can only use one type, plus any neutral cards.

- Fortress are not the best way to stop opponent soldiers who are getting closer and closer to you. Try to fight fire with fire, or men with men, but make sure you don't waste them all for when the smoke clears. Fortresses are good to have when you're already moving forward, as contingency plan.

- For the first time ever, you can attack sideways! So take advantage of this. Pay close attention to the arrow, as this is your key to clear out an opponent who has gotten too close for your liking.

- Want free packs and valuable cards? Do the daily missions!

- Use your mulligan every turn you get, especially in the early game. This will give you an advantage in the game.

- You can play with a story line or one-to-one battles against other players around the world. So make sure you have enough time to play, so you don't leave your troops without a strategy for long.

Even though this game is quite new, you can already find some incredible fierce players out there (still remember you and your 30 min defensive masterpiece, Player-6930), which makes Stormbound: Kingdom Wars a great option to enjoy hours and hours of fun. Let’s welcome the modern alternative to chess!

Download Stormbound: Kingdom Wars now on Aptoide!