Traveling is one of the greatest things in life, don't you agree? it's almost like eating ice cream, but better because it lasts at least a few days. The thing about traveling is how it makes you feel. You know, getting away from your routines and experience new stuff. Like different cultures, new places, other people, exciting landscapes, new food, new knowledge. Can we please start packing now?


The other thing about traveling is that everyone does it differently. Some people like to take it easy and backpack solo through nature. Others like big crowds in major cities with a cool nightlife. Some like to go with no plans at all. And of course, there are our parents who like everything planned to the minute.


That is why, our fave app this week is Inviita, a travel app where you can discover the world based on what you feel like doing. Feel like being romantic? Tasting food? Meeting locals? Trailing solo? Looking at art? With Inviita you can search tons of lists that other people who are like you made for a city they visited. Awesome! Most importantly, no more annoying friends asking you to mail them travel tips.

To give you an idea, the popular lists right now are: “Feel New York, Feel cold”, “Un paseo en Malaga”, “London, in the mood for Art”, “Enjoy Sydney if you are feeling Ninja” or even “Phnom Penh, made specially for Wendy”. You can create your own list and share it with friends.

Another cool feature is booking actives in advance in over 1500 cities, which is a great time saver. Many of us don't even know that in most cities you can book major attractions to escape lines. Thumbs up for that.

Inviita is our new crush. But, of course, we can share. eheh.

Now, time to start looking for cheap flights! Don’t forget to check Skyscanner ;)

###Download the [Inviita app]( from Aptoide