Who loves Kodi?

We do here at Aptoide. And the good news is that you are in for a treat since the app has been given a sizeable update with many cool new features. Once you've installed it you'll notice right away that the interface looks completely different!

The latest release, codenamed Kodi 17 ‘Krypton’, brings many updates and improvements. It also brings a whole new look for all your Android devices. In fact, it also includes a feature that allows you to set an individual default skin for each different one - isn't that cool? This means you can set a different look for your Android smartphone, tablet, TV or others.

Here's some instructions on how to update Kodi on you Android TV from your smartphone:

Let's go through some of the most important changes

1. First of all, the new default skins replace the legendary Confluence theme with a much more elegant interface designed with touchscreens in mind. The settings menu is now made up of tiles and is much more comfortable and intuitive to handle.

2. There's a new web interface called Chorus2, which extends the original plain and simple one, and allows you to browse your library on any web browser and start playback on your Kodi device.

3. The audio system for the Android version has been improved, and Kodi now scrapes the web to provide in-depth content for the music you're listening to!

Cool, right? Now, sit back and enjoy all the movies right from your couch with AptoideTV.

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