Twelve years ago (on April 23, 2005), a dude uploaded a video to a new website showing how big the trunks of the San Diego Zoo’s elephants were. The world changed that day. Well, not because of the elephants or the dude, but because of the video per se. From then on, video content become available for everyone, everywhere.


The breakthrough part was that everyone could upload, not just the media. Cut to now, where 300 hours of video are uploaded to that site every minute. MINUTE. Like, right now a kid in Japan and a mom in Brazil are watching the same fail video filmed in an American home. Wow, right? YouTube became such a big part of our lives.


Who would want to live life without youtube now? That’s exactly why this week we bring you SnapTube: an app that lets you save YouTube videos on your phone. Oh snap! Save videos so you can re-watch or show them to friends without using data. Or imagine you need footage to edit your own project, download it with SnapTube. Hey, ask the owner first. How about that cover song you fell in love with? Yes, download to hear it in your player.


How do you do it? Tap 'Download' on SnapTube. Or if you are watching a video in the YouTube app and want to save it, use the share function to connect it to SnapTube to start the download. The videos can be saved in small sizes (360px) or high-def (1080px), in mp3 ou mp4 formats. You can also explore videos in different categories like music or movies and discover new videos from SnapTube curators. Manage all your videos downloads in one place with a clean and nice design. Oh and the cherry on top: no ads!!


Yes it is, David.
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