Another week, and yet another Japanese anime game. We promise we will start featuring other games soon, but this one was too good to miss a highlight. Get ready for the ultimate battle and behold our Game Of the Week, Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Blazing.

Based on the well-known anime series, the game has been out for some months already, but it’s still making a strong impression among both fans of the saga and avid Android gamers.

The game follows the story of the anime series, so you will be able to collect all the characters. You can play the adventure by yourself, online with random players, or with your own friends, which makes it particularly fun.


The key ingredient of the game, though, is its unique Shinobi Formation Battle system, a strategic RPG turn-based battle system. Most experienced JRPG players will be familiar with similar systems, but this one brings a twist. Move your character within its own circle to attack all the enemies inside it. Place your characters wisely, as allies within the same area will also tag along and attack the foes by your side. However, this also puts you at greater risk, because you can get extra damage during the enemies’ round. Stay put!

On top of the main plotline, players will also bump into special events. Defeating a significant amount of enemies during said events allows players to climb the Phantom Castle. Pretty exciting, right? We do love a good bit of competition here at Aptoide.

With plenty of missions and characters to unlock, the title certainly delivers long hours of entertainment. How long will you have to play to become the next Hokage? Well, that just depends on how good of a ninja you are.

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