Are you aware of the major phenomenon in the tween’s world? It’s an app and it’s called If you haven’t even heard of this app, you may start to call yourself old. Or ancient, really. Anyway, is a social network app for video creation, messaging, and live broadcasting. Tweens use it to lip sync and dance to music videos. Yep, oldie, like you did with your hairbrush in front of the mirror.

![](/content/images/2017/03/giphy-37.gif) users can record 15-second videos in one or multiple shots; once the recording has been made, it can be paired with songs and sounds. It is a free app, we didn’t find any in-app purchases, which is qsurprising for how much the app offers. Some of the editing features are only available after you share a video outside the app, but most users will probably do this anyway. Multiple clips can be recorded splicing together for great jump cuts that transition from one scene to the next with special effects. A new tab shows you Musical.lys shot near your location. Users also interact with each other through "Ask a Question" and "Duet“. There's an option called “Best Fan Forever”, through which musers - oh yea, they're called that- can select certain followers to take part in duets with them.

![]( is super famous, last year we were talking about 90 million registered users and an average of 12 million new videos posted every day. Woa, right? It also acts as a launchpad for new artists, Carson Lueders being a major hit with 2.9 million fans.


This is a 15-year-old Washington singer who spends the day riding his Segway, playing Pokémon and recording videos. When asked about the app power he replied “All my fans out there can re-lip-synch to my song and reuse it in their own Musical.lys. It’s a huge platform, and it’s really taking over this generation of kids.” And of course well known celebrities like Selena Gomes and Ariana Grande started using it to connect to their younger fans.

With many tweens using, safety concerns started. So Parents, talk to your kids and keep an eye on private convos on the app. Kids, no meeting anyone in person without your parents knowing.

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