Another week and another game of the week selection. This time we bring you an 8-bit western flavor, for all you western fans out there. Westerns have had kind of a recent revival, haven't they? The Westworld series reboot is a good example. Merging the high-tech worlds with the wild west feel has been done quite a few times. Westy West kind of goes in that direction.

Imagine a retro Red Dead Revolver. Like an arcade-style sandbox world where you play a bounty hunter and you go around shooting, either bandits or innocents - your (moral) choice. But of course, actions have consequences, so if you become an outlaw, the cops will go after you, and sometimes between levels, they will show up and you'll have a revolver showdown. If you keep killing innocents and cops you'll become "Wanted".

You can also do Duels and go on Quests to earn money and fame. With the money you can buy new costumes for your character and unlock new character classes: Cowgirl, Miner, Ranger, Machete, etc...

The only downside is clearly the controls. You use the single tap to shoot, and the swipe to walk a single isometric block. The walking part can get clunky at times when you need your character to go fast. But you can get used to it.

Anyway, it's best to try it yourself.

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