Diversity is one of the main concerns at Aptoide. It has been shown that diversity actually improves innovation. Historically the tech and startup universes have been white male-dominated industries. Fortunately, there are signs of changes happening, and Aptoide is striving to grow as a diverse company from the onset, taking into account different types of diversity: gender, nationality and age.

Let's look at some numbers!




##AGE Aptoide includes people of all ages, from **under 20** to **over 40**, with a average age of **29**.


There are 11 nationalities at Aptoide, covering people from every single continent. This means we have people from all the corners of the world. But hey, the world is round, so... There's no actual corners. Unless you're part of the flat earth society and you believe is earth is flat, but let's assume you aren't.


At Aptoide you can hear 14 different languages!

Would you like to join our big diverse family and work with us?

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