Ugh, stress, sadness, anxiety and worrying are just part of life. True story, we all felt them at least once. But some experience them more than others. So, if sadness is your current boyfriend (or girlfriend) time to break up with it. Or if you don’t feel exactly sad but neither particularly great, time to do something. We found 10 feel-good apps that will make your life happier. Smile away!

1. Headspace

Might sound strange, but meditating really does make you happier. We promise guys. Headspace is like a gym membership for your mind. With 10 sessions of 10 minutes, each you will train your mind to be happier.

2. Stop, Breathe & Think

Mindfulness with a cute design. That’s probably the best way to describe this guided meditation app. Experience emotional wellness every day. There are different types of meditations (for different problems) that will make you think rationally about stuff. Stop, breathe & think has won a Webby and a People’s Voice award.

3. Bliss - Gratitute Journal

This app is based on the scientific premise that gratitude breeds happiness and that positivity is contagious. So in Bliss - Gratitude journal, you share your happy moments on the built-in mini social network. You will also get inspiration from boosting tips, daily challenges, motivational quotes and more. Life will seem so much better.


4. Sketch

They say being fully absorbed in something that challenges you and keeps you engaged, makes you happier in general. This sketching and painting app will make you lose track of the time. But unlike Candy Crush, it’s productive time because it’s working with your creativity. Doodle, paint, choose the right brush, the right color and do your thing.

5. Musixmatch

Have you ever think what is it about music that makes it so great? It’s called Dopamine, listening to music produces that stuff in your brain. That why you feel good. Start your day singing with your Spotify playlists which Musixmatch adds lyrics to.

6. Down Dog

This a studio-like yoga experience. Yes, with an awesome name. If you think it will get boring, Down Dog has the solution: Each time you log in for a session, you’re greeted with a brand new sequence. This will keep things fresh. Choose your playlist and how long you want the session to last, the app will create a perfect fit for your needs and experience level.

7. Pzizz

A good night of sleep makes everything better. Pzizz uses a combo of music, words, sound effects and binaural beats to help you de-stress and go to sleep. Set a listening duration (10 minutes to 10 hours) of a unique soundtrack from its library.

8. Noisli

White noise helps you focus on work and relax. Noisli is a must-have generator with an offline soundboard of many types of white noise. You can mix and save some playlists. Hey, if it works on babies. Why not.

9. Water Minder

Drinking water is important. Water makes everything in our body works. Especially our brain! Sometimes when we feel sluggish we’re simply dehydrated. Keep track of how much water you’re drinking. The app regulates your habits and will send you notifications to remind when it’s time for another glass.

10. Bliss

You can be happier and more successful. Yes, really. Bliss has tried-and-true psychological exercises for building positive energy. It treats optimism as a muscle you can strengthen, and gives you all the tools you need to work it out.

###We hope these apps made you happy 🌞