Say no to violence. Say no to hurting people. Unless, it’s on your mobile device. There’s nothing like getting home, hitting the couch with a drink and killing some virtual dudes. Or zombies. Or whatever. All before dinner. Who needs yoga? These are true stress relievers. Go on. Download one.

Pro tip: imagine you’re shooting your boss, teacher or just someone who annoys you.

1. Modern Combat 5: Blackout


Familiar with the Modern Combat series? You know, the one where you belong to an army of soldiers and your enemies are terrorists. Hence, the “Modern” on the title. Blackout is the latest one of the series and the sequel to Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour. And, joy, the first one to go completely free! This one takes place in awesome Venice and the missions are a lot shorter. Oh and allies are introduced, they join in during conflicts.

2. Sniper 3D Assassin: Shoot to Kill

Don’t feel bad if you hate your boring 9 to 5 life, it’s okay. We all do. But now you can become an elite shooter whose mission is to free us from horrible crime lords. Find and kill all your enemies, explode choppers, explore great landscapes and complete cool tasks. The zoom and the exactness of hitting your target are pretty cool. This is a fun game that can get you out of reality for a few hours.

3. Unkilled


If you're more attracted to the half-dead type, no offense, this game is perfect for you. You will play Joe, a member of a private military unit whose job is to fight the zombie menace before it becomes global. Kind of metaphorical if you think about it. Complete over 300 missions and face hordes of zombies and apocalyptic creatures. You can choose your arsenal before each mission and your weapons can be upgraded so they become more deadly and accurate.

4. Pixel Gun 3D

Imagine a first person shooter game with a Minecraft style. It’s like the best of both worlds, right? In Pixel Gun 3D you can create your own character and either play a single player survival campaign or in global multiplayer mode. You have a bunch of weapons at your disposal as well as a chance to see lots of user-created content within the game. The chat feature makes it really active and funny.

5. Major Mayhem

Major Mayhem’s girlfriend was kidnapped by bandits. His heart is broken (sad, sad) so war is on. If you have a heart, please help him. Finish 45 levels and fight against ninjas, Russian mafia guys, desert fighters, and mummies. Major Mayhem is super simple and fun. There’s an epic boss battle at the end. Love conquers all. Go save the girlfriend.

6. Pew Pew

Last but not least, we have a shooting game app for the more artistic ones. Remember Geometry Wars? Yep, expect uber cool retro-designed graphics, awesome music and birds to throw in a campaign of 3 levels of difficulty and boss fights. Oh and magic neon bullets. No animal was hurt during the making of though.

And that's all folks. Remember, say no to violence. Being Rambo is only cool on TV. Or, obviously on your Android. Have fun shooting at stuff!

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