The Meet The Aptoiders series rolls on, as we continue to feature members of the international Aptoide team who are leading change in their respective fields, and helping shape the future of Android and mobile technology.

Today we introduce you to Marta Keller, our Head of Developer Relations and In-App Billing who happens to be an incredible polyglot speaking four languages - fluently! A key strategic thinker and a stellar manager, Marta has helped shape Aptoide's strategic approach to the developers community, which has led to Aptoide's success in growing the number of certified apps in the mobile industry. Read on to learn more about Marta and her journey from BMW to Vodafone to Google to Aptoide. I know, right? She's the bawss.

1. Who is Marta Keller? Please tell me a little bit about your both personal and professional background.

Hola, Hallo, Olá, Hello everyone! My name is Marta Keller and I am from Spain, though as you can tell by my name I have some German roots too. I was born and bred in Madrid and I studied International Management doing half of my university studies in Spain and the other half in Germany, so that by now you can already tell that I am a bit half-half.

My professional experience is also very multi-cultural and has always been related to tech. I started working at Vodafone and after less than a year, I moved to work for Google for 5 years, spending two years in Dublin and three in London, specializing on online advertising and e-commerce. In 2015, I took a swift in my career, left Google to move to Lisbon, to work for a start-up. I wanted to try something different, where I could see the direct impact of my work, being more involved in the strategy and business development and building something from scratch. Last year I got the opportunity to join Aptoide to work on a great challenge: build successful relationships with our developers and help them to monetize their apps directly with Aptoide, through our new billing solution.

2. So let’s just get this out of the way since it is on everyone’s mind. Is working at Aptoide in the Developer Relations team as awesome as it seems?

It is indeed! What I like about this team is that you get to do a lot of different things: working with developers to help them reach new users to increase their revenues, getting new developers onboard so that Aptoide has the best apps, improving processes and developing strategies for the monetization of apps. It is also very international as we work with developers from all over the world and our user base reaches users worldwide!

3. As the person responsible for developers, what do you think is the main incentive for developers to come on board the Aptoide ship?

I think Aptoide is a great channel for developers to reach new users in emerging markets, as we have a very strong user base in markets with a lot of potential and we have seen impressive growth rates. I also think that Aptoide gives a lot of flexibility to developers as we don’t have geo restrictions and we welcome all kind of apps that are virus/malware free.

4. You're currently developing something new here at Aptoide, which is In-App Billing integration. Tell us more about it. What are your main challenges?

We are building a new way of In-App Billing at Aptoide, supporting local payment methods to unlock new users in emerging markets, where credit cards are not accessible for everyone. We also developed a solution that is very easy to integrate for developers via API, so that we can reach as many apps as possible. We also believe in giving more power to developers and that’s why our payout rates are higher than our competition.

The most challenging part of this project is to ensure the best experience to users, including different payment methods and to increase the adoption of our In-App Billing amongst our developers. Right now most of developers are already using the standard billing payment methods and are hesitant to spend resources in integrating another In-App-Billing solution.

5. We're trying to build a team here at Aptoide that can help change the world and shape how we use our smartphones. What are, in your opinion, the core competencies of a Developer Relations manager? I know you're hiring!

A Developer Relations Manager is someone that is passionate about tech and the apps ecosystem, enjoys building relationships and finding new ways of user acquisition and is familiar with apps monetization. We are looking for people that are eager to work in an exciting challenge, to find new business relations, can help us roll out our new billing solution and can see the bigger picture. If you are interested to work in a small team but for a very BIG project let us know!

Would you like to join our big family and work with us?

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