Sometimes, the best thing we can do is relax. You arrive home, eat something, chill for a bit and just go to bed. But what your room is full of crazy monsters? Well, then, let’s just hope you have a toy bear as amazing Robin’s because he is as tough as it gets! This is our Game of The Week: Dream Defense.

Dream Defense is an action shooter, where you fight hordes of enemies in waves. You play as a toy bear with a bandana, trying to save its owner’s (Robin) dreams for that night. As the defender of dreams and quiet nights, it seems like there isn’t much you can’t do to keep evil creatures away.

Despite its apparent simplicity, Dream Defense is challenging and oddly addictive. With quick levels and quite a mild learning curve, the game is perfect for those who are looking for something fast-paced. The controls are easy to grasp and there isn’t much else for you to do other than killing the evil creatures that try to haunt Robin’s dreams.

To make your life a bit easier, at the end of each level, you can typically upgrade your weapons. After a certain stage, you can also start protecting yourself building barricades and things alike. On top of that, the variety of weapon is incredibly interesting - you get the usual guns, of course, but also items such as pepper sprays, explosives, darts, laser lamps and even ice-creams that freeze your opponents.

While the first few levels may feel fairly easy, don’t be fooled! As you progress in the game, each round offers increased challenges, so make sure to stay alert at all time. This is Dream Defense: you have to make sure things don’t turn into a nightmare!

Night, night!

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