Who's up for another big update of Clash Royale? 🖐 We've been teased by the guys at Clash Royale for so long, but as of today you can experience March's update in all its glory!

This new update adds quite a few exciting features while also preparing the ground for much more that will be rolling out during this month. Who's excited? We're excited!

Clash Royale is undoubtedly one of the most downloaded games on Aptoide and we've been on the edge of our seats waiting for this exciting update, that is actually one of the biggest since the game came out!

###**New leagues**

Now that we have Leagues, you'll be able to enter the first League at 4000 Trophies, and climb through 9 Leagues all the way to the Ultimate Champion League! All you have to do is collect a monthly season reward based on the highest League you reached and you will get a chest according to your trophies.

###**Clan Battles!**

YES! Finally! Clan Battles was that one thing missing in Clash Royale, especially because Clash of Clans already had it, and we needed it here too. Clan Battle is basically a side-by-side with a Clanmate against two challengers from another Clan. The first event will be on March 24, so get ready!

###**New cards**

This new update also brings a new legendary card: Bandit, which will be available March 24th (take note!). There will be a special Bandit Draft Challenge coming March 17th, so get ready for that, too. Other awesome new cards include Bats, the Night Witch and the healing spell, but these will be rolled out later, so keep an eye out.

###**New legendary arena**

The sand that we all knew until now as legendary Arena, also got an upgrade and is now named Arena 10: Hog Mountain and will be available from 3,000 trophies to 3,800. The new Arena Clash Royale will be available at a click from 3,800 gems and will have a revamp!

###**Other improvements**

With a new update come new improvements. From now on the Clan Chest will take place Fri-Mon, and Challenge Crowns will contribute towards Clan Chests and Crown Chests. Cards now have a "Tournament Level" button to see their stats at Tournament Rules, so that you can keep up with all relevant stats. You can now watch live your Clanmates' battles from the Clan page, which is awesome! And last but not least, you can now sort your friends by Status or Score - so you know who to clash with next!

###Are you ready to roll? Join the Aptoide Clan on Clash Royale and let's clash together!
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