Ever dreamed of having your own successful brand? Well, guess what? Your Aptoide Store is your brand and here’s how you’re going to make it big. If you don't have one already and that's why you clicked this post, great, start from the top. Aptoide Store owners, take over!

Names have great meaning.


First things first: The Name. Is it strong? Is it powerful enough? Is it funny? If you answered no to two of these questions, maybe you should consider a re-branding. First start by choosing a concept, then a name. When it comes to brand names, less is always more. Something easy to read and memorize. Think Nike.

Looks matter, of course.

Give your store a good quality picture. If you know how to, make a logo yourself. Oh and your store colors should match your concept too. Let’s say your store is called “Dark Fantasy”, maybe it should be black, no? #justsaying.

Tell us more.


Don’t forget to write a nice description for your page. It makes your store even more personal. And if it's a themed store, write it on your description. Your audience will know exactly what they came for.

Have options.

Don’t focus on just one type of apps. Have many options like games, productivity, photography or entertaining apps. A person who likes games also needs an alarm clock, right? Keep uploading different kinds of apps.

Fresh is best.

Now, this one is a must-do. Try to always have the latest, freshest, coolest apps. Especially the trendy ones. You know the drill, look 'em up.

Updates on fleek.


Make sure you upload the latest version of all the apps. If you have an old version of WhatsApp on your store maybe people won’t come back for more. Sad, but true.

Keep the conversation going.

Don’t leave anyone without an answer. Whether it is a request for an app or a problem with an existing one, make sure you comment back. Communicate and fix other user’s problems. Remember, they're your audience, and they're here because of you, too.

Go Local

Add local apps. You should consider having apps related to your country. For example, transports, news or show tickets. If you are Brazilian, add Cadê o ônibus? to your store. Or if you're Mexican, think Urban 360. And so on.

Now, time to create a new store or edit yours! 😉

Here's how:

Hey, Ho, Let's go.