Yes, you. Don’t feel like a weirdo, it’s super normal for us to fantasize about being someone (or some creature) else. You know, with a completely different life, skills, relationships, and appearance. In a completely alternative reality, only inside our imagination. Anyways, games have always been the best way to fulfill that need. And we’re talking long before computers, like tabletop games. Through time, we created many games with their own universes, characters, plots, and inventories. Those are called Role-Playing games. They make us like actors with an interactive part to play. With the digital age, things got even more exciting. Here are 5 Really Perfect (Games) examples:

Buff Knight: RPG Runner

Be a brave knight who has to fight many enemies and destroy the bad dragon to rescue a, guess what, pretty princess. This one is as simple as it gets: you don’t control the character (he's on the run), but you do control the magic attacks and potions. You can also get new armors and evolve to different settings. Might sound boring, but it really isn’t. Try it. You’ll become obsessed, trust us.

Mobius Final Fantasy

Be Warrior of Light, a man who wakes up with amnesia in a foreign world named Palamecia. This new world is under attack by Chaos, a dark force. Wol (or you, if you will) is a true savior, he will take up the mission to free this world from its darkness. Princess Sarah from Palamecia and Mog (super cute) will aid you in this journey. Pack your bags, you’re going to Palamecia.


Brave Frontier

Be a Summoner in Grand Gaia, a world of ancient fantasy gods. The land has been ravaged by a war between humans and gods. The army of Randall and the Akras Summoners are going to handle the chaos. Raid battles against monsters, bosses and ancient beasts are going to take place. Welcome to Grand Gaia.

Magic Rush: Heroes

Be in a team of heroes and control the destiny of 4 kingdoms. Who doesn't want to feel like a hero after a long day? Advance your heroes (rune gears, skills and stats) and fight for victory using real-time strategy. Dominate the arenas, wars and campaigns. Your team is your family. you must stand and fight for them!

Arcane Legends

Be a warrior with loyal pets in a fantastic world. Your stable of powerful and mystical pets will battle and aid you in your adventures. Awww! Each animal provides a set of skills, attacks, and special bonuses. Grow, feed and play with dozens of them. All that while exploring Arlor, your new world full of dangers and battles. Battle goblins, trolls in a quest for glory and gold. Dreams do come true.

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