If you have been distracted this month, don’t worry, we’ve got you! We have it all - from classic puzzles to fantasy and survival games full of fantasy and adventure. Here is our list of the best Android games of September 👇


Alice falls down the rabbit hole to arrive at a crazy magical world where Tweedledee and Tweedledum, the Chesire Cat, and even the White Queen, join forces to prevent the Queen of Hearts from bringing Wonderland to ruin. This puzzle and merging game involves many tasks, including renovating the houses of all these characters to create vibrant and colorful landscapes. Let yourself through the rabbit hole! 


Sky Utopia is a unique and profound RPG title! In this role-playing game, you’ll enter a fantasy city called Oars, where four different races collaborate in harmony... Until monsters attack the civilization. A guild of adventurers is created in Oars to fight the invaders, segregated by classes according to their skills: Swordsman, Archer, Lancer, Machinist, Berserker, Assassin... Discover a whole universe of monsters, fantasy, and action! 


From the creators of Toy Blast comes the ultimate puzzle game. With almost unlimited levels, Toon Blast is a casual game perfect for killing some time anywhere, anytime. You’ll have a limited number of moves to clear your board, and on each move, you’ll make disappear 3 (or more) boxes of the same color. For each level you complete, you’ll receive rewards that you can then use to get some extra aid to complete the next levels. Ready to explode the balloons? 


Battling for survival is not an easy task, especially in the harsh world of The Walking Dead: Survivors. You’ll start off with a few survivors, but one of your main goals would be to grow your group. You’ll have to build and upgrade several constructions, assign jobs to people, and even protect your base. Resources are key to progress, but also to defend your territory from the zombies and keep everyone safe. Beware!  


Establish human civilization on Mars in Marsaction: Infinite Ambition! This MMO game comes with different game modes. You’ll encounter different enemies to fight, including some insect species that have been populating the red planet, and you'll need to establish your main base of operations before starting the exploration and battle tasks. Start building your new home in outer space! 

If you want to spend hours and hours of fun, this is your time! Play any of these games and let us know how it went on our social media channels. 

Happy gaming :)