Your wait is over! Here is a wrap-up of our top games of October! This month we've come across many exciting games, and we cannot wait to share! From the latest Final Fantasy game to an engaging AI novel, discover everything below! 


The latest Final Fantasy game has arrived! Although it has all of our favorite characters from the popular saga along with an engaging storyline, we’re talking about a Gacha game with some new characters. In Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis, you can choose which story to follow. It also includes a co-op option in which teams can link up on limited-time events! 


Talkie: Soulful AI is a unique gameplay experience, combining elements of artificial intelligence and storytelling to create an immersive adventure. It revolves around engaging in meaningful conversations with Talkie, exploring its personality and emotions. You’ll uncover intriguing stories, solve puzzles, and make choices that impact the outcome of the narrative. Give Talkie a chance! 



This is a futuristic and action-packed game, with adrenaline-pumping gameplay! Project Entropy takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, and players are tasked with surviving against hostile enemies in a battle-filled environment. It offers a wide range of weaponry and gear for players to customize their gameplay strategy and maximize their chances of survival. Download now! 



In Gardenscapes, you’ll embark on a journey to restore an abandoned garden to its former glory. The gameplay revolves around a unique combination of match-3 puzzle solving and garden design. By solving colorful puzzles, you earn stars that can be used to purchase new garden decorations and unlock new areas. Play now and create the garden of your dreams!  

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Stay tuned! :)