If you have been distracted this month, don’t worry, we’ve got you. We have it all - from classic tv series and movies to worlds of fantasy and adventure. Here is our list of the best Android games of August 👇


Upon launching Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, you'll be invited to step into the captivating world of magic education. As a new student at Hogwarts, you will choose your character and dive into an immersive story filled with magical duels, adventure, and the discovery of your unique magical abilities. So dust off your wands and get ready, fellow wizards!


Embark on an epic adventure in the mystical world of Lithas as a hero with a special origin. Your mission is to save the land from the forces of darkness in the fantasy world of Lithas. Bloodline allows you to immerse yourself in beautifully designed locations, from lush forests to treacherous dungeons, and enjoy a truly immersive gameplay experience. Don't miss out on this epic adventure!


Strategy, combat, diplomacy, and leadership are in one of our favorite space sagas. Build and upgrade space stations, new technologies, and choose factions and alliances to grow and keep conquering new horizons. In order to complete all these tasks, you’ll need to investigate, mine resources and fill your ships with some of your favorite characters from the Star Trek series and films. Download it now and start building your space empire!


Pokémon Sleep encourages us to embrace healthy sleeping habits! In this game, your sleep patterns are directly linked to your in-game progress. As you catch some Z's, Pokémon with sleep-related abilities will gather around you. Your goal is to discover and catch ‘em all! So, grab your phone, tuck yourself in, and embark on a journey towards better sleep with your favorite Pokémon by your side!

If you want to spend hours and hours of fun, this is your time! Play any of these games and let us know how it went on our social media channels.

Happy gaming :)