The moment you've been waiting for is finally here! We've got the top Android games of July and can't wait to tell you all about them, from new social media apps to fantasy worlds! Explore them all below👇


A few weeks ago, tech enthusiasts got very exciting news: Mark Zuckerberg (Meta) challenged Elon Musk (Twitter) in a cage match. Was this a metaphor for a text-based social media war? Meet Threads, the new text-based social media app! Like Twitter, users can post text content and discuss any topic But wait! There’s more! It also allows lengthier content and longer reads.


A bit of Game of Thrones, a bit of Vikings, some good battling and a journey in mysterious Scandinavian lands. Vikingard is a combo of immersive story simulation and classic RPG. You’ll play the role of the chief of a Nordic tribe that sails through ancient lands, facing some enemies on your trip, along with hidden treasures and mysteries surrounding your family lineage.


The perfect balance between a historical adventure and some touches of mystery.... and even fantasy! In Guns of Glory: Lost Island, you’ll lead an expedition to disclose a secret full of ambition and action. Put yourself in the shoes of your heroes, through this awesome RPG, to explore an unknown island and fight ghosts, sea monsters, and enemies to find treasures.


Eternal Evolution is the perfect combination of a classic gacha formula, the kind of RPG we love, and silky-smooth futuristic graphics. You’ll collect heroes, unlock talents, evolve them, and the classic gameplay items we find in strategy games. Every mission you complete will add rewards to your inventory while your heroes automatically fight.

That's it for our top games of July! Give them a go, and let us know what you think on our social media channels.

Happy gaming :)