Nothing beats a good game session, especially if you’ve got the right lineup of games to play. (And, maybe, with the right snacks on hand too.)

If you're looking for the most addictive games you can play on your Android phone, check out the list below. It was not easy, but we've made our choice for the best games of August within the Aptoide app store.

Good luck trying to get anything else done!

Mobile Legends x Kung Fu Panda

That's right! One of our favorite MOBAs has just joined the most popular panda bear from DreamWorks!

If you've been out of the Android gaming universe, let's find out what Mobile Legends is all about. As one of the most glorious multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBA) out there, Mobile Legends features a powerful gameplay with 5v5 matches. Plus, actual opponents fight in 3 lanes to knock down the enemy's tower. Although a lot of players enjoy it because of its extremely quick matchmaking system (which may find you the correct players in less than 10 seconds), we must admit that the variety of heroes and the ongoing events are what make Mobile Legends so great.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has already worked on crossovers with popular collaborations like Transformers and  Star Wars, so it's not the first time they have astounded us with an initiative like this. You can purchase a number of Kung Fu Panda skins here. Get them now!

Lords Mobile

Now we need to celebrate the King of Strategy within the Android realm. It comes with a ton of alliances, building, research, massive armies, and much more waiting for you! It's Lords Mobile!

The objective is quite simple: conquer your adversaries' kingdoms. You would think that a strong army would be adequate, but the situation is more complicated than that. All the elements of strategy games are included in Lords Mobile. First, you'll need to create your empire. Then, you'll need to develop top-notch fighting strategies to fight your adversaries.

You’ll find yourself playing it for a very long time and always with the feeling that you keep growing. This may be caused by an enormous number of in-game events: Guild Fest, Feudal War... You name it! Also, the number of players contributes to enriching the experience of a massive virtual world. Players from everywhere and on all levels. Join them!

Saint Seiya: Awakening

After thirty years of manga books, anime TV shows, and even feature movies, we are thrilled to name Saint Seiya Awakening as one of our best games of August, not only due to its legendary characters and anime-style graphics, but also because of its captivating narrative.

Your main objective is to defend Athena from the other Olympian gods, but you won't be alone, since many other saints have also been awakened by a mystical force known as Cosmo. With such a compelling storyline, you can anticipate seeing many breathtaking settings, including Poseidon's Temple and the Wailing Wall.

The game also displays stunning 3D graphics that we all enjoy in anime-style games. What are you waiting for? Play it now!

Chronicle of Infinity

We couldn't finish our top games of the month without presenting Chronicle of Infinity.

The game displays stunning console-quality graphics, a great fighting system, and a lot of fantasy. Are you ready to learn all about Chronicle of Infinity? Keep reading!

The Astral and the Obsidian are engaged in a bloody, never-ending conflict. As the Guardians' lone survivor, you will battle on the Astral side in an effort to restore law and order. The truth is that Chronicle of Infinity offers a ton of side missions to complete and many stories to explore, despite the fact that the main plot keeps you fascinated from minute one.

Each character in Chronicle of Infinity is unique. Very distinct attack and defense levels, special skills... Arcania, Dragoon, and the other options will be difficult for you to pick from, but doing so will be essential if you want to succeed in combat.

These were last month's top downloaded games at Aptoide! Give them a try, and let us know what you think!

Visit our website's editorial section to find out more about each game. All of the games are available for download on our app store.