Aptoide will be releasing a new version for set-top boxes at the Mobile World Congress (MWC2015), in Barcelona, on March the 2nd, making it easier for users to get their favorite apps on TV. Have you ever felt like the app stores are difficult to handle on your set-top box or TV? That's because they weren't made to be handled by a remote. Aptoide for set-top boxes is.

With Aptoide for set-top boxes you'll be able to download, manage and update all your favorite apps, designed for TV.

Set-top box manufacturers can now offer an exclusive experience, letting users get the best applications for the machine they built. Aptoide for set-top boxes also offers manufacturers the possibility to enhance their user's interface with their colors and logo. Companies that build this kind of devices can now control the store from their backoffice, creating their own categories and customizing editor's picks and featured apps. They will also be able to keep track of statistics, downloads and revenue.

Aptoide is the largest independent Android App Store ecosystem, and it just got bigger. Up to the size of your TV.

Enjoy Aptoide.
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