Everytime we launch a new feature in Aptoide, it's a surprise.
Will it get it traction ?  Will it capture the interest of Aptoide users ?
The Aptoide Social Timeline that I described in a previous post, is one of those features that was launched in Aptoide 5.4 (release started this week). As a feature, it really needs traction because we only can get the best of it, if our Facebook friends also join the network.
In the first week, we went from 0 to 15.000 users that joined the Aptoide Social Network. The roll-out of 5.4 is still going on  and it is only available for 25% of our 500.000 daily users.
It is too soon but, so far, this is a great adoption. Let us know if you like Aptoide Social Timeline.