The Aptoide users are reporting today in the Social Networks that Google is using Security Popups to recommend the uninstalling of Aptoide because it spies on the users.

Source: xatakandroid
Let's then compare Google Play Vs Aptoide...

Google Play: 

  • Requires registration of the user with a Google Account (Mandatory)
  • Multiple times reported that provided information about the users to US intelligence agencies
  • Datacenters based in US where the law obliges to provide users data to NSA even without a court order
  • Cross information with other Google Services
  • Google fiber network was reported of being sniffed by US and UK government agencies


  • No email or registration is required to use
  • If you want to register yourself for comment or use Aptoide community services, you can use Aptoide native accounts, Facebook or even Google+ accounts.
  • We don't provide any data to third-parties, nor do we use it for any other purposes than Aptoide App Stores
  • Aptoide datacenters are based in the Netherlands where one needs a court order to access data on servers

Who is spying on users after all?