Last year, Aptoide took on a challenging, yet incredibly satisfying project which resulted in the launch of AppCoins. The main aim of AppCoins is to create an app economy with a new universal language that ensures trust, transparency, and openness.

Read below to find out what Appcoins is, and why it is so beneficial for users, developers, and partners.


Since 2011, Aptoide has always contributed to innovative, open and free apps distribution by becoming the first and only community-driven Android app store. Through social collaboration, tailored recommendations and the opportunity for users to create and share their very own app stores, Aptoide was the first decentralized platform for content distribution.

Six years later, Aptoide continues to swear by the same vision: in open mobile platforms, app distribution channels must also be open.

With that in mind, Aptoide decided to take action to solve many of the limitations that the app economy currently faces by creating an open blockchain based protocol, that can be adopted by all app stores using any operating system: AppCoins.


What is AppCoins?

AppCoins is a cryptocurrency for app stores that will solve many of the app economy’s problems and will allow for a more transparent and trustworthy ecosystem.

What are the Main Benefits of AppCoins for Aptoide Users?

AppCoins will allow all users to benefit from a universal payment method to make in-app purchases. This new currency can be earned and spent in app stores, and it can be directly transferred to other users, which will increase purchasing possibilities.

How Can Users Earn AppCoins?

After downloading a sponsored app, users will be required to give a minimum of 2 minutes of attention to the app, in order to earn AppCoins. They will then be able to make in-app purchases with the earned cryptocurrency.

The fact that users will now be able to earn AppCoins will have a revolutionizing impact in the life of users which do not have access to online payment methods, and that will now be able to make in-app purchases for the very first time. This presents a massive opportunity for users in emerging markets to try out new apps.

What are the Main Benefits of AppCoins for Aptoide Developers?

Developers will have the ability to have a higher revenue share since payment and advertisement intermediaries will no longer be part of the equation.

Another benefit is that now developers will only need to have one single integration and one single APK that can be monetized across all AppCoins-enable app stores.

Furthermore, developers will be able to build a reputation based on their transactional history on the blockchain. This will provide more trust between developers and the community.

What are the Main Benefits of AppCoins for Aptoide Partners?

If you are an Aptoide partner - OEM, third-party App Store - you will also find benefits for adopting the AppCoins protocol. As an app store partner, you can now monetize your apps through blockchain, without the intermediation of payments, hence increasing the revenue share. This system creates a trust layer for the economy, rendering many middlemen obsolete. In addition to that, as an API or white label partner, that distributes Aptoide apps, you will now get a cut from the in-app purchases revenue.

The Aptoide App Store is the first ever app store to adopt blockchain technology. With that being said, once again we are breaking down barriers and taking decentralization to the next level!


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