Meet Lukito, the owner of one of Aptoide's top stores (Dwiko-Lukito) which has just reached more than 1 Million downloads and nearly 5,000 subscribers in only 6 months! Lukito hails from Purwokerto, Central Java, Indonesia – and has since become our Indonesian Ambassador due to having a store with such a high engagement in so little time.

If you think you fit the profile, head to our Ambassador Program page to find out how you can apply – we offer amazing rewards to our best local Ambassadors such as Smartphones, VR Gear, Experiences and a lot more for a number of actions such as giving us feedback about Aptoide.

How did Lukito build his following so fast?

First of all: Freshness, because in Lukito's store the app content is always fresh and constantly being reviewed: “I try to update my app store every day” he says. Lukito also uses the Aptoide Uploader to automate the app upload process from his smartphone to his store.

Not every app you find is worth uploading though, and your job as a store owner is precisely to filter the best content – that's where app Curation comes in. Lukito loves art, having worked in the textile industry, and because of that Lukito uses a lot of Photo Editing apps but also games. Lukito then uploads what he believes is the best content for his subscribers. But that's not all he does: “I follow the market trends”, he says “I look at the rating, the number of users and the system performance”.


Also, don't forget that Diversity is as important, even though not every user likes the same apps. When you're starting out, you need to do tests and measure what kind of Apps will work better for your subscribers. That's the reason why Lukito has created a second store (Lucappina), 100% focused on game content, and this one is growing to become a top store as well! If he had only uploaded Photo editing apps all the time, he would have missed this opportunity, don't you think?

Last but not least: Measurement - Aptoide has a number of built-in feature for download statistics, which you should use to measure the success of your own app selections and how you're doing over time.


Not every store on Aptoide succeeds, and it's essential to understand why. At the end of the day, Lukito is – in his own words – an “ordinary person”, and he doesn't have a marketing team behind him, he is not a world famous celebrity (even though we like to think of Lukito as a celebrity within the Aptoide community ^_^'), and this goes to show that if you work hard enough you too can have this kind of following real quick!

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