Apps are (our) life. Right now there are 13 we love the most. These 13 are also the reasons why we love our job so freaking much. Let’s spread the love. ‘Cause if you love ‘em, set ‘em free, right? Go through our list and find out which apps you’re already using :)


1. Instagram

The all time favorite, most perfect social network, doesn’t really need an introduction. It has a minimalist vibe. We get to observe our friend’s lives through pictures and videos. We also get to explore and follow cool people we never met. Every day we can see art, design, architecture, photography, cities, placeseverything. But the best part about Instagram is the quality of the content. We are on Instagram too! Follow us: aptoideteam.


2. Snapchat

Snapchat is a whole nother level. This social network is famous for video stories (first!) and for making you into a bunny or a flower hippie. Snapchat has its own language, people, and culture. Maybe that’s why it’s super addictive. Share anything and fear nothing. If you’re on it, you now. Also, Aptoide is there too.

3. Facebook

2 billion people are on Facebook. That’s like more people than India. Need to say more? It's here to stay. Especially since the app. It’ where we chat, see the news, read about all kind of things, discuss subjects, fight, laugh, cry. All away from home. Definitely, a big part of our days. Please don’t tell us you don’t like our FB.

4. Twitter

Twitter changed the world 11 years ago. People started to express themselves, in the heat of the moment, in just 140 characters. It changed the way news outlets, politicians and artists communicate with us mortals. Twitter is also daddy to hashtags!


5. Youtube

Oh, we really could talk forever about Youtube. We did it here or here. As for now, we just want to add that Youtube killed the TV star. Now, thank the universe, we have all kinds of Youtubers and home made videos.
Have you checked ours?

6. Phhhoto

Loop forever, if you don’t mind. Yes, we know Phhhoto has its days numbered. Ever since Facebook launched a clone, Boomerang, Phhhoto got into trouble. But while we can, we are going to loop amazing GIF videos on Phhhoto’s feed. Deal with it.


7. Spotify

Forget about stealing, now you can listen to music and be a good person at the same time. Even if you don’t pay the premium version. Spotify is our music bestie. Create your own playlists, see what your friends are listening and discover new music on the go. All in the same perf app!


8. Triller

Triller gets your life in a video clip, in a velfie. No really, triller edits it automatically for you just like a pro. Just pick a song, snap a few takes, pick one of the 14 filters and that’s it. You do you, triller does the rest.


9. Kik

Squad goals? Getting on Kik. It’s the perfect place to group chat with all your friends. You can do everything: send pictures, videos, sketches. All without even providing your phone number. Great for anonymity!


10. Waze

Waze makes you feel like a ninja when it comes to driving. Skip all the traffic. Find the fastest routes with maps always on fleek. Other drivers can tip you and you can see if your friends are also on the go. Conquer the streets! Waze is the best co-pilot ever.

11. Last Pass

This life saver app turns all your passwords into just one. It’s a password vault and a strong password generator as well. The Last Pass browser automatically fills in forms and login details. Ain’t nobody got time for all the passwords.

12. Wunderlist

To do: use Wanderlust. Getting st done** it’s so much easier this simple to-do list. It lets you share your lists with friends and loved ones. Wunderlist instantly syncs between your phone, tablet, and computer. Done!

13. Zedge

You’re not like everybody else. So why's your phone? With this app, you can personalize it with lots of free wallpapers, ringtones, notifications, icons and little cool thingies. Irresistible!

Which apps are you using lately? Share in a comment!



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