In '89 (where you even born yet?), Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web and offered it to us all in a shiny, beautiful plate (like for free, no patent or royalties). Remember his famous statement “This is for everyone”? TimBL believed the whole world should be connected. He wanted everyone to have access to a web of communication. Not just the rich or the powerful. Everyone.

The thing is, there are still areas in the world where connectivity is more limited. And even in the most developed countries those who have less money, have less data access. So YouTube pulled a Tim Berners-Lee move and created YouTube Go, a new app designed to broaden the accessibility, and allow users to save videos for offline viewing. No one is left behind!

This new app gives more options on quality and file size. You will know exactly how much data you're using in each video you play. YouTube Go also allows you to share videos via Bluetooth with nearby users. This app's goal is to be more conscious about data constraints, and aware that those can be universal.


We need to talk about the smart offline feature. Maybe you don't know, but in some countries mobile networks offer discounted data during the night and off-peak hours. To take advantage of that, YouTube Go will automatically download selected videos overnight. This way you can watch them during the day. Yay!


YouTube Go works much like the regular app, the only difference is when you select a video to view you will be asked if you want to download it instead. Also, the videos are available in two resolutions: Basic or Standard quality. There’s no access to HD resolutions here though. You can think of it like a Lite version of YouTube with some useful new features.

During the initial phase YouTube Go will require a phone number and text verification, just like Allo or WhatsApp, so don't worry.

Now, let's watch some babies tasting lemons for the first time. Please?