If two weeks ago you thought that giant robots punching each other in the face was the ultimate gaming experience, this week you'll discover the cream of the crop: Zombie Offroad Safari! We know it sounds like a mash-up of GTA and World War Z, but that's actually one of the reasons why we selected it is our Game of the Week!

Zombie Offroad Safari is all about completing challenges, finding flags and opening loot chests. Why is it special? Well, you are constantly surrounded by zombies that you can smash with your vehicle! There are 5 humongous worlds to explore, and they are so HUGE that there's a map to help you find all the things you need. Huge worlds also imply many zombies to smash, so yeah, pretty exciting! BTW, hitting several of them in a line is particularly satisfying. AAAAAHHH.


On top of that, up to 12 vehicles can be unlocked, each of them with unique abilities and some can make you look like the real bad kiddo from the hood: a police car, a fire truck, and even a monster truck. You can also equip your vehicle with several weapons (the electric chain gun is great for big zombies).

The only downside of this game is the camera angle, which in some cases, can be slightly slow to follow your moves and you might miss what’s in front of you - and you end up surrounded by dozens of zombies! Besides that, Zombie Safari is one of those games that I call an energizer: you start playing it and soon after you find yourself overexcited unable to put it down. It's a thumbs up for us!

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