Don't you just love watching TV from the comfort of your own couch? What if we told you that you can do that AND so much more with AptoideTV? AptoideTV is the an Aptoide app store optimised for your Set Top Box and Smart TV, where you can play your favourite games, watch your favourite movies and TV shows and much more. Hell, you can even install apps on your TV from your very own smartphone! Need we say more?

Actually, yes. In case you don't own a TV, or if like us, you would bring your TV with you everywhere you'd go if you could, we present to you the Keruo L7, a portable smart projector powered by AptoideTV recently released in a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

It has built-in intelligence hardware and uses Android OS, and it has a pretty amazing user experience. It won't be released before June 2017, but we had the chance of playing around with one to bring you an exclusive and first-hand review so that you can make a conscious decision when you decide to take the plunge.

So, what does the Keruo L7 include? It comes with a bag so you can safely carry the device around, a remote control, a power charger and an OTG cable, which is super handy when you carry a mobile projector around, meaning that you can use it pretty much anywhere in the world.

Wether you need to do a work presentation, gather your friends for a home cinema session or simply play games days on end, this projector will most likely be exactly what you're looking for.

1. It is actually super compact and light

They were not kidding when they called it portable. You can take it about everywhere you want to without getting into too much trouble.

2. It is very intuitive and easy to work with

We assure you you will quickly get the hang of it, most likely due to some of its key features such as auto keystone correction, angle adjustment and focus bottom.

3. You can pair with pretty much anything

Also, you might find interesting how easily you can connect your other devices to the projector and just stream whatever you want (Wireless!). This works both with your smartphone, tablet, Xbox, Playstation… You name it!

4. It has surprisingly good speakers & impressive HD image quality

We weren't expecting such great quality from such a small, portable device. You know those old school projectors that you'd need a dark room to enjoy it? Not with this one. You can actually use with in rooms with natural light.

Just to name a downside, maybe you will find the brightness to low sometimes, however that is also part of its features given that it reduces the visual fatigue from long viewing sessions. A friendly word of advice: try to bring down the light in the room just a bit and you should be just fine.

####Thumbs up!