With all the players involved in the mobile applications business, where do Telecom Operators fit and how can Aptoide help?

Along the last three years we’ve seen a clear interest in Telcos wanting to keep up with the app revolution and create their own dedicated App Stores. Telcos have direct access to the users, some even distribute their own Android devices, and have their own Android content. Most of these companies have really powerful brands, which is great to conquer new users and promote new features.

Opportunities And Advantages For Telcos

From experience, the App business isn’t necessarily collecting direct revenues from the apps, but a unique and structured offering, that will improve user’s acquisition and differentiate players from their competitors.
Telco Operators can develop their own closed storefront, using it to provide their own pack of apps; they can also create an open storefront, making it restricted or limited. Either way, having control over their app stores, will open up a new world of possibilities.

Imagine, what if your Telco was the only one in your country having a much anticipated gamming app. Wouldn’t that bring more customers? And how positive would be the impact on your brand?

In terms of real economic value, the biggest advantage for Telco Operators relies on the revenue coming from sponsored Apps and the usage increase in terms of data services, linked to mobile apps.

There’s also the element customer's loyalty that each app has the potential to conquer. Besides, there is also a great potential in terms of agreements and app monetization. Imagine, for example, that you want to promote a specific, monetizable app.

An easy access to an intuitive and well-designed app store with some great apps is a major advantage. You, for instance, can create some kind of premium exclusivity, while having control over your customer’s behavior and value on your app store.

How can we help you?

If you are looking for a way to create yours dedicated app store, then we have good news. On Aptoide, we developed Partners' Program, offering the possibility to create an App Store based on a revenue share model. In exchange, we offer you a super-fast customization service with zero investment and global reach.

Are you eager to test our white label solution?

You may do so this week at the CES 2017. Come meet us at stand 35856 at Tech East, South Hall 3-4 and learn more about this and other Aptoide solutions. We're pleased to show you how you can generate your own App Store for Mobile, VR or TV, within a couple of days and with immediate results.

Get in touch with Carolina Marçalo and Sara Ferrão Cardoso, who will be at the CES 2017 Fair with the Aptoide solution in hand, ready to take you on a ride to the future.

For more information, click here. You can also drop us a line at partners@aptoide.com.