Whether you’re new to the world of Aptoide and don’t know where to begin with all those exciting apps out there, or you’re a long-time Aptoider looking to expand your collection of the latest, must-have apps, we’ve got you covered!

As you probably have realized by now, Aptoide Stores are a major aspect of our community. Users gather around these stores which are managed by users that select and curate the best apps for their followers. Actually, anyone can have a store on Aptoide (see the video below).

We browsed through the best Aptoide stores of the month, selected the 10 most popular ones and compiled a list for you to explore and take your pick.

Happy downloading!


MILAUPV is home to the most exciting gaming apps from arcade and action to sports and casual games. Top Apps include the famous FIFA and Angry Birds.

2. Mark8

Mark8 app store could not be missing from our list offering, amongst others, the newest security and antivirus apps. We recommend Look out & Security Antivirus a new security service that allows us to see how Breach Report alerts us of the latest company data breaches and gives straightforward advice to help protect our personal information.


ONAIRDA is THE app store for all of us who enjoy casual, simple games and love to play games on our smartphone while on the go. Discover the most addictive casual games and get full access to games available in other countries.

We played Cut the cheese and we couldn’t get enough of all the thumb-twiddling and screen-swiping!


Goodbye World, Hello Virtual Reality!
Welcome to APK-4-FREE, the store with the biggest variety of virtual reality gaming apps!


5. Dark Killer

Don’t let the name fool you, Dark Killer has some of the most loved gaming, music, travel and social apps in stock for you! Discover the Lite versions of Facebook, messenger and Aptoide (!) and get your hands on the coolest Android gaming apps.

Our pick? The already classic Plants Wars, where the plants waging war on violent animals that destroy the forest. Check it out!


Pay a visit to Rahullah and stay on top of current trends in the app world. The stores features a wide selection of essential apps as well as new, exciting apps totally worth our attention!

7. APK-S

Not too long ago, mobile gaming meant solitaire and snake running on your retro Nokia phone (which, as you probably know, has gotten a recent renewed version). The development of smartphones has been a real game changer and now phones compete against PCs and consoles for our attention. Head over to APK-S to explore a variety of gaming apps, from casual time-wasters to action games with excellent graphics.

8. MSI8

MSI8 is one of the largest stores on Aptoide. It is organized by a lot of relevant categories marked with ❤️s - everything from Unlocker Apps, Games (including games for kids), Microsoft, the most complete selection of Unlocker apps, and all the Aptoide Apps in a single place. 😉


Last but not least, DWIKO-LUKITO is the app store for all you music lovers out there! Browse through the hottest apps to boost your Android’s sound quality.

We recommend Bass Booster, a dream music app which optimises your phone's bass sound effect and improves your audio quality to the best. Enjoy the best sounds and music on your Android device, wherever you are!

10. SANDRO797

Sandro's store is definitely the one for RPGs and fighting games (and the ones that combine the best of both worlds).

Our pick is Sandro's current top app, Shadow Fight 2, a brilliant Fighting game with RPG elements! Check the trailer below.

So there you have it! A list to help you explore the sparkling world of Android apps! Have your favorite stores made the cut? And if not, which one(s) would you recommend paying a visit to?

Let us know in the comments below!