The last couple of years have been really great in terms of Anime games for Android, and we've been playing some fantastic anime games over the years! We've seen a lot of live action adaptations, and also a lot of new Pachinko machines - all of this even before the whole Pokémon GO phenomenon!

And that's why we came up with a list of the 10 best anime games ever made that anime fans and gamers alike should check out! Ready to awake the Otaku in you?

####1. [Final Fantasy Brave Exvius](

This is a beautiful game. While the original version in Japanese had already been released last year, it was only in early August that we got to play this for the first time in English. The first impressive thing is the soundtrack, which, while not composed by Nobuo Uematsu (he left Square in 2004), it was brilliantly written and produced by Noriyasu Agematsu, who's clearly a Final Fantasy fan. But it doesn't end there. This brilliant art piece begins with a beautiful cut scene to then reveal these amazing 2D old school sprites. It brings back memories. It's not every day that you get to see a free to play game with this kind of quality. Grab it NOW!

####2. [Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle](

We really love this. No, it's not Budokai Tenkaishi, nor it's meant to be. The gameplay combines elements of the Puzzle, Board and RPG genres, and it's basically a Dragon Ball's geek dream come true. You can play with loads of characters from the universe (we've just unlocked Granpa Gohan recently!), but I guess it can be a bit boring after a while if you're not a die hard fan of the series - or maybe not, since the gameplay is actually quite innovative and fun!

####3. [Kingdom Hearts Unchained X](

For those of you who don't know, Kingdom Hearts is a crossover collaboration between Square Enix and Disney, that started back in 2002 with a game for Playstation 2 (which is one of our favourite games of all time!). While this mashup may seem strange for some of who, keep in mind that Anime was originally inspired by Disney - so this is basically a celebration of the cultural interchange between the East and the West. This specific game is a port of a 2012 game of the franchise, originally for PC browsers, and released for Android in 2013 - and it's actually pretty fun! The gameplay its a bit like a turn based Zelda (while the original Kingdom Hearts was in real time) - but it works really well for mobile devices.

####4. [Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Generation](

This game has been around for a while (2014), but it's still the best official effort in terms of Yu-Gi-Oh! card games. Even though the game itself may have a few problems (veteran card game players complain that when it came out it was already using out of date game rules), but it's an interesting game to introduce Yu-Gi-Oh! to a new generation of players, especially since it's a free Android game.

####5. [Naruto Ultimate Ninja Blazing](

This is a really interesting game: First, because it's the first official Naruto Game for the Android platform and it's brand NEW (came out on August 31th). Second, because the fighting style is, similarly to Kingdom Hearts, an interesting combination of turn-based RPG with Zelda style fast action, which makes it really addictive. It's a really interesting game for it's story as well, if you're not familiar with the show.

####6. [One Piece Treasure Cruise](

During the tutorial there's one thing that becomes clear: This game takes skill. It's not simply a fast tapping game where stuff blows ups and you get coins. The timing of the taps is part of the game. Also, the game is beautifully drawn, just like the original Manga.

####7. [Digimon Heroes!](

This is a casual card battle game. It's fun and fast - but it lacks a bit of depth and skill. The cards are basically a way of commanding your Digimons. But still, you can Digivolve your Digimons and even Digifuse them like in the show. The interesting part though is the PVP, since, in our view, that's where the replay value will be.

####8. [Bleach Brave Souls](

It's a great game. It reminds us of Streets of Rage in a way - with the real time fighting taking place on the streets, with a boss in the end. That said, there's something REALLY annoying about it: it takes a HUGE ammount of time to download and load all the game content. That said, the game is really addictive and fast, and for those who are not familiar with the storyline, it also tells a cool story with well-written dialogues. Try it!

####9. [Panzer Waltz](

This game, unlike the previous, is not based on an existing franchise. It's a World War 2, or Diesel Punk style game, reminiscent of Valkyria Chronicles, a 2008 title originally for Playstation 3, but then adapted into an anime series of it's own a year later. It's an interesting concept, of people being equipped as tanks and shooting each other from a distance. While sounding promising, it could have a bit more tactical depth, though. It's still a very interesting and refreshing title. Download it and test it yourself!

####10. [Girls X Battle](

Similarly to Panzer Waltz, this game is also not based on an existing franchise: it's a cool new fighting game which is becoming really popular amongst otaku Android gamers. Very well animated and really cute. Give it a go!

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