Here at Aptoide, Star Wars is once again the talk of the day since the trailer for the upcoming film came out!

Long gone are the days when Star Wars was a thing that we only heard of once in a while. In this new Disney age, it has become something that promises to be a regular yearly event. Long gone are also the days of the debate of the ideal viewing order of the movies, which ultimately culminated in the rise of the "machete" viewing order.


There's less of a debate of which Star Wars trilogy is "best" as well: With the release of Rogue One, the universe has become more akin to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and basically you can pick up the story at any point, and even through any medium (game, tv show, comic or book), and still enjoy it to the fullest.

As always, when a new Star Wars film comes out, there have been, historically, many new cool games to play and to keep you pumped until the next movie comes out. In the Android apps world, we've also been #blessed over the last few years with some incredible Star Wars apps.

Without further ado, here's our selection of the coolest and most addictive Star Wars Android apps ever made:

1. [Star Wars Official](

As the name implies, this is the official Star Wars app. It features basically everything from Star Wars themes, to a number of social integrations and exclusive interactive content that ties with the official films. A must have for any fan out there.

2. [Star Wars™: Commander](

This is one of the best Star Wars games for Android. It's has a strategy gameplay system, that allows you to build your base, train your troops and launch them into battle in any Stars Wars planet.

3. [Star Wars™: Uprising](

This is a brand new Star Wars RPG for Android. It takes place between Episode 6 and 7 where the galaxy is once again united in fighting the empire!

4. [Star Wars: Assault Team](

This is basically a Star Wars card game that allows you to build an assault team with characters from the movie, and defeat enemies through a turn-based system.

5. [Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes](

This is another Star Wars RPG game with Japanese (Final Fantasy) style turn-based combat.

6. [Star Wars™: Card Trader](

This is the official Star Wras card game, that includes content from every Star Wars movie, including Rogue One.

7. [LEGO® Star Wars™ Force Builder](
8. [LEGO® Star Wars™ Force Builder The Yoda Chronicles](

These are our two favourite LEGO Star Wars games for Android. The first one allows you to build stuff in a sandbox world (we mean stuff like, for instance, Star Wars ships). The second one is an action/adventure game set in the LEGO Star Wars universe.

9. [Angry Birds Star Wars](

Join an epic adventure with the Angry Birds in the legendary Star Wars™ universe! Use the Force, wield your lightsaber, and blast away Pigtroopers on an intergalactic journey from the deserts of Tatooine to the depths of the Pig Star - where you’ll face off against the terrifying Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Pigs! Can you become a Jedi Master and restore freedom to the galaxy?

10. [Star Wars: Tiny Death Star](

Picture this: You live amidst a civil war in a galaxy far, far away, and the Emperor is building a Death Star level by level, and he needs your help. Now, are you ready to live life on the dark side? Yes? Then join Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader on a mission to attract Galactic bitizens, run intergalactic businesses, and build an all-new Death Star - and conquer the galaxy once and for all! All right here, with Tiny Death Star. Hurry and get on your way to building the largest, most destructive space station in the galaxy.

11. [Star Wars - Start Theme](

This is not an official Star Wars app, but it's a really cool Star Wars theme for your Android phone that some of us here at Aptoide use. Are you a big fan of Star Wars? Do you think Stormtrooper are Awesome too? Enhance your phone’s appearance with this new Star Wars Theme and may the force be with you, young Padawan!

We hope you guys enjoyed our selection of the best Star Wars Android Apps. And, by the way here's our recommended viewing order for the main movies: Rogue One -> Episode 4 -> 5 -> 2 -> 3 -> 6 -> 7.

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