Some call it soccer, some call it football. Others even call it the king of sports. No matter which, we know you’re here ‘cause you LOVE this game. We get it, soccer is life. Your team is everything. Your favourite player is like a god.

Sure they can make you cry but they can also make you uber happy. You worry, suffer and cheer… sometimes all at the same time. You’re part of a sports family. Honoring them is the true goal of this sport. And of course, there’s nothing better than kicking a ball to kick some asses. Either if it’s on a screen or on the streets.

So for the love of soccer, here are 7 great apps to entertain you.


Let’s kick this list off:

1. FIFA17

FIFA 17 is like the Real Madrid of soccer apps. A true soccer  experience built for the mobile player. You can challenge others in attack mode, play with friends in leagues and build a squad. Fresh content is added every day based on stories and matches happening all around the world. The mini-games reward you themed tokens to redeem for free players. Compete in championships to climb the leaderboard. A truly social experience!

2. Street Soccer

Not a fan of realistic stuff? It’s okay. If you just want to have some fun and not take things so serious, Street Soccer Ultimate is here for you. Run, feint and score in the streets of the world’s most famous locations. It’s easy to play and the graphics are cute. The players can be customised with the coolest kits. This will give you hours of endless entertainment, believe us. You can also challenge friends and people from anywhere to play in tournaments.

3. Dream League Soccer 17

Build and manage your own team to be the greatest. Win each one of the 6 leagues and qualify for the Elite division. Sign superstars like Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo. Perfect your style with them. You’re the boss here, or the mister if you prefer.  Create logos and fully costumize your team’s kit, and hey, you can even build your own stadium. Everything your way.

4. Real Football

Let’s go back to basics? Let’s. Real Football leaves the spectacular graphics aside to offer a much more direct and fun experience. By having basic graphics, the app takes up less space and runs fluidly. It’s cooler to play and it will remind you of old football games. Build your dream team and take it to glory. During the game, You can adjust the strength of your passes, sprints and shots. It’s a great time on the pitch.


5. Final Kick

They say this is the best penalty shootout game ever and we can confirm. Those tense moments of penalty shots are amazing, and with final kick you truly feel like you’re there in the match making the most spectacular goals. You will feel the pressure as it’s up to you to save the night. Train your shots, learn to shoot with special effects and fool the goalkeeper. Become the world champion. **You can do it. **

6. PES Club Manager

This is a management game app for those who enjoy leadership and strategy. You create your soccer team and have complete control over it. You put the team together, choose the emblem, the kit design, the name, the city, the stadium and so on. Besides that, you must handle everything else like the signing, trainings, intensity or the development of young players. PES Club Manager stands out during matches, you can choose the perspective and if it is in 2D or 3D or in fast or slow motion. Wow, really.

7. Flick Shoot

Like shooting free kicks? Perfect! Flick shoot has 7 different game modes from Tournament to one ball. The free kicks seem almost real, you can swerve the controls. There are different goalkeeper animations. The graphics and sounds are quite nice. Oh, and each mode has a highscore table for you to conquer. Warm those legs!

Now let’s play, pass the ball! Or how some would say: Joga Bonito.

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