Minecraft is life and it's pretty much a game that's impossible to top. BUT, did you know about the toooons of free Minecraft-like apps that are available on Aptoide? That's right guys, there is one for every taste. Fighting, Outer space, jungles and animals, 3D, engineering, storytelling... you name it. We decided to go fishing on the Aptoide store for the best free similar games to Minecraft apps just for you.

###[**The Blockheads**](https://the-blockheads.en.aptoide.com/?store_name=apps)

Just like Minecraft, Blockheads features a large world with amazing jungles and seas that you can explore. You'll find harvestable items that you can use to craft and create. But unlike Minecraft, you'll be able to control multiple Blockheads. So that’s a major plus! Blockheads has some in-app purchases available that will get you Time Crystals, which will help speed up crafting. Don't sleep on this one.


One of the most popular Minecraft alternatives is BlockBuild. With plenty of blocks and objects to choose from, you can create some amazing things. You also have the option to create multiple worlds, so there is no limit to your creativity. Just...yourself. Just do it. As long as you have the hours to pour into this addictive game.


Roblox is a massive multiplayer online game released in 2005, and is almost as big as Minecraft! The game is geared towards children and teenagers, but don’t feel all grown-up, you will love Roblox too as it offers a lot of interesting features. The game is highly praised for being educational. You can learn a lot about programming, and their in-game experience will expose you to the world of marketing and advertising. Character customization is one of the key features of Roblox. You can create your own articles of clothing, making your character stand out from the rest. If you’re into style and fashion, this is def for you.


Terraria is essentially the 2D Minecraft experience that goes beyond the wall. Just kidding, it’s a GOT thing. It goes beyond the original one by a whole bunch. Unlike Minecraft, Terraria has a story and a point. You’ll craft things, mine things, engage in boss fights, and travel to various landscapes. It features 1250+ crafting recipes, about 15 pets, 15 bosses, and over a dozen environments for you to check out. It's the ultimate Minecraft-like game.

###[**Block Story**](https://block-story.en.aptoide.com/?store_name=apps)

Block Story is a mashup between Minecraft and an RPG. You play through a story, do quests, and level up your character. It also keeps many Minecraft elements like building, finding resources, crafting, and even the graphics. The story is infinite as you can continue questing in various maps and regions even after you’ve completed them to gain more resources to build more things. You can even do things like interact with fire or ride dragons. wooooa.

###[**Block Craft 3D**](https://block-craft-3d.en.aptoide.com/?store_name=apps)

If you want to be entertained for hours, download Block Craft 3D. Believe us. You can craft anything you like! Houses, Castles, a mine or even the Giza Pyramids. From the ground up. It has amazing graphics. It includes wood, stone, tiles and vegetation So sit back, relax and create a little slice of virtual heaven.

###[**Block Strike**](https://block-strike.en.aptoide.com/?store_name=apps)

Guys, this one is super fun. It has all the excitement of battling and shooting enemies. Pixel style! You can costumize heroes, choose the right weapon, play different modes and worlds. The main goal here is to survive. Are you up to the challenge?

###[**Exploration Craft**](https://explorationcraft.en.aptoide.com/?store_name=apps)

An amazing new world awaits! Dive into this infinite blocky open world to build, craft and explore and become the reality crafting god. This 3D block world features more than just blocks - it also includes some evil monsters in the evening using the weapons mined and crafted in the daylight. Explore mine resources, craft tools and weapons, grow plants, raise you own mounts and cast magic spells. In this world, there are no limits to your creativity and imagination.

###[**WorldBuild: Craft Your World**](https://worldbuild-dev.en.aptoide.com/?store_name=apps)

Build the most amazing world: your world. One block at a time! Then just explore it and keep adding. You can even add furniture! A good thing is that you can have like 8 worlds saved at the same time. It’s really easy to control. Of course nothing comes for free, so you’ll have to watch some ads to unblock some tools.

Now, grab your pick! We have work to do.