So, guys, we spent the last days playing Pokémon Duel to learn all the tricks for you. 😉 In case you’ve been abducted by aliens, Pokémon Duel is a digital remake of the Pokémon Trading Figure Game. Remember the 90s? In a nutshell, you choose six Pokémon virtual figures to battle on a real-life board. The goal is to move to your opponent’s side while defending your own. You will feel like a true lord of war. Highly addictive, but we sacrificed so you won’t have to spend much time figuring it all out. Take some notes:

Check your messages and daily missions.

Like fast food, Pokémon Duel will keep you coming back for more. Daily. Messages will include rewards and daily tasks to get boosters. Just opening messages will get you extra gems. By the way, Messages are in the corner of the Leagues screen. Important tip: the daily mission’s coins don’t show up automatically in your inventory. Go to Daily Missions on the menu and then tap the mission that you have completed.

Pick the strongest team.

Don’t judge a Pokémon by its cover. Start by checking their stats. Focus on Moving Points and the Ratio of Attacks on their data disks. Not so much the type.


Colours are everything.

The true Duel 101 is the different colors of attacks and what their hierarchy is. White is the lowest tier attack. When both players land on a white attack the winner is whoever has the larger point total. Purple attacks have special effects associated such as sleep or poison. If you both get purple attacks, wins the purple attack with the most stars. When white vs purple, purple always win. Gold attacks beat purple attacks. But when Gold is up against white, the winner is whoever has the highest score regardless of color. Finally, Blue attacks are the defensive moves, they take priority over everything.

Ugh, right? But it’ll become easier once you start playing. We promise.

Training makes it perfect.

Sounds boring, but do the training missions. It will make you learn faster. Plus, you’ll get extra gems, plates, and even Pokémon Figures.

To defeat, surround.

This is the easiest way to neutralize a threat. Put your Pokémon in a position that if your opponent confronts you, you can easily surround it in your next turn. How? Block each point surrounding, putting the enemy Pokémon in the center. Also, prevent the opponent’s figure from moving in any direction without first fighting you.

Better transfer than sorry.


You account has a packet of data, that can be saved to some cloud. If you play on more than one device, download the app and select data transfer after the opening screen. Hey, be sure you’re connected to a wi-fi network.

Don’t defeat yourself.

Any Pokémon defeated will be moved to a Pokémon Center for healing. Only two Pokémon can be there at one time - if a third arrives, the first one that entered is sent back into the fight (but they’ll have to wait one turn).

Look at the time.

Each player has an individual timer. If the clock runs out before you make your turn, you’ll automatically lose. This speeds up the pace of the game. Otherwise, it would be boring as hell to wait for your turn.

Use your plates wisely.

Plates are consumables that can turn the tide of a game. When you go into battle you can select which plates to use. For example, if your Pokémon has been put to sleep, you can select an awakening plate. Keep in mind that these plates have one turn or more of shelf life, so use them wisely.

Good things come in pairs

Japanese users found a true hack: use Weavily and Yveltal together. Weavily has an ability called Team Play, meaning that when in play the attacks do +20. Yveltal has a two-star Purple move in which until he leaves the field, dark-type Pokémons do +10 damage to the opponent.

Another strategy users discovered is to use Salamence and Rayquaza in the same deck. They can jump over your enemy.

More rewards on Quest Mode

Defeating a stage on Quest Mode will reward you with something depending on the color the roulette wheel landed on. We know that the Red rewards will always be Coins, and the Blue rewards will be figures, usually of Pokémon. These stages can be completed again to earn duplicate.

Got'em all? You’re safe to go. May your Pokémons win.

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